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Google+ is a social network that is created with the idea of taking all the positive aspects of all other social networks. It takes elements from Facebook or Twitter and these are combined in order to provide a better user experience. Of course, Google+ has many original items. Overall, it becomes a social network that can’t be neglected. Every important website or brand can’t allow the luxury of neglecting the presence on Google+. The algorithm of website classification isn’t available for Internet users, but it’s 99,999% sure that the Google+ activity is taken into account.
Google+ communities are specific to this network and I think that these are ones of the most useful for users. Anywhere and anytime, a community formed by people sharing a common passion is a very good environment for sharpening the skills. To make a better idea about, Google+ communities can be compared to forums, but the interaction between members is much simplified.
The huge number of communities may put into the troubles the ones interested in joining the most interesting ones. Consequently, we deeply searched for you and we collected for you 10 interesting and useful Google+ communities.

Google Plus Pro Tips

There are hosted conversations about how to get the most from using Google+. It’s a public community, formed from 109,000 members.

Web Designers

Web-Designers Google+ communities
There are many Google+ communities destined for web designers, but it’s one of the most numerous, having more than 23,000 members. There are tons of interesting posts and debates that are classified in multiple fields as questions, Photoshop, Illustrator, CSS or fonts.

Web Design

This community is less numerous than the previous one, but it doesn’t mean that the resources posted are less interesting, therefore, join Web Design community.

Graphic Design

This community is created by graphic designers for graphic designers and it covers all the design fields.

Graphic and Web Design

This is a community that combines the topics of the above two Google+ communities, but it’s still not as big as these. I think that in the near future more designers will join it and the quality and the quantity of the information will grow.


The name is self-describing- this community is focused on everything WordPress related.

WordPress SEO & Development

Wordpress SEO & Development is still a small community, but the topic is too important not to attract other developers and SEO practitioners.

Photoshop Masters

Photoshop-Masters Google+ communities
Photoshop Masters community is a great place to get in touch more than 43,000 Adobe Photoshop lovers and tons of interesting resources… from complete tutorials to cool freebies.


If you are still a Photoshop amateur, then this community is a great source of resources to sharpen the skills.

HTML / CSS / Jquery / C# / .net Tutorial

HTML / CSS / Jquery / C# / .net Tutorial
There are many Google+ communities, but HTML / CSS / Jquery / C# / .net Tutorial is one of the most interesting from all of these. Into this community are posted many tutorials, including in video format and I am sure that you won’t leave this community disappointed.