WordPress is so famous that the average Internet user instantly associates it with the best Content Management System or with the best tool for blogging. The statistics are really amazing- did you know that WordPress is almost 11 years old but there are more than 66 million websites based on it? Also, did you know that many of the most well-known websites are running using WordPress?
WordPress skills are from the most requested ones so any freelancer should take this CMS into account. Luckily, WordPress is a very simple tool and any of us may use it. Someone said that anyone familiarized with Microsoft Word will be able to use WordPress and personally I think that it’s very true this statement. In spite of many negative opinions, WordPress will continue to be the leading CMS in the near and medium future… it’s hard to offer a credible opinion on long time perspective by considering the fabulous speed of Internet evolution.
If you decide to give a heed to WordPress or you are a developer interested in sharpening your skills, then I have a big and useful surprise for you. I made a strong research and I established a list of 15 precious blogs destined for WordPress addicts. I guess that this list will be very useful because you won’t need to search for blogs and check their posts. The list contains blogs maintained by bloggers and developers that deliver only interesting and useful pieces of information so once again I “warn” you that this post must be bookmarked and shared with your friends.

WordPress News


This is the official blog of WordPress developers team and it this fact convinced me to add the first one in this list. It’s not daily updated, but here are precious news about WordPress.

Planet WordPress

Here are articles written by well-known bloggers and in spite of its common design, the information presented is golden.


WPMU Dev is a prestigious brand amongst WordPress lovers, but I must warn you that some of their articles are destined for more advanced ones. Anyway, if you are patient enough, by carefully studying their posts you will learn tons of hacks and tricks.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes presents very “elegantly” some WordPress aspects and I guess that any WordPress lover must check it regularly.

WP Squared

It is another good source of information and inspiration…maybe they need a redesign, but it’s a not a strong reason to avoid visiting this blog.

Code Tutsplus

This is the blog destined for WordPress community maintained by Envato team. You know Envato, so there is nothing to add.

WP Beginner

As the name is self-suggesting, this blog is for the beginners. If you are novice, but willing to learn, then you must check their archives.

Woo Themes

Woo Themes is a good place to buy WordPress themes, but also their blog is very interesting and fully deserves your attention.

WP Explorer

Wp Explorer is universal- you may achieve from here themes, plugins, hosting services and their blog posts are offering cool inspirational lists and useful news about WordPress.

WP Mayor

Wp Mayor is one of the oldest WordPress centered blogs and here are tons of articles for any kind of issues.

WP Solver


Winning WP

Winning WP is one of the most used resource by the WordPress enthusiasts and certainly, you should periodically check it.

Torque Mag

Torque Mag is a good alternative for the ones that don’t like the lecture. They offer interesting podcasts, but at the same time, there are many interesting blog posts.

WP Lift

This blog is a must have for any WordPress addict because here are many recommendations, reviews and articles – all about WordPress.

WP Kube

Besides many informative posts, this blog offer very attractive coupons so if you want to save some money visit WP Kube.