The next tutorials are very complex and it may take many hours if you want to follow all the steps. These are Photoshop tutorials for experts and anyone that really want to sharpen the skills should pay attention to these. In fact, the main difference between a tutorial for beginners and one for experts is the level of complexity.
A tutorial for less advanced Photoshop users doesn’t cover all the aspects of a project and usually it’s focused on a single technique. The Photoshop tutorials for experts aren’t presenting unseen commands or magic buttons! Nope, Photoshop is the same, what’s different is the complexity of the project. In conclusion, you shouldn’t be scared that these are Photoshop tutorials for experts! If you know Photoshop interface, then you are able to follow the steps of these tutorials. All you need is patience and time!
My personal advice is that hurrying is the worst thing you can do! The winning approach is to follow very carefully the steps even though you spend many hours. The road to victory isn’t simple at all! Therefore, roll over your sleeves and start working to learn new complex techniques! Also, please share the post with your friends! If you want to have our latest posts in your Inbox, you are welcomed to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and give us a “Like” on Facebook!

Fantasy Lake Scene

Without any doubt, this is a very complex and interesting Photoshop tutorial. I think that the most attractive part of this tutorial is how the author combines the colors…really awesome result!

Dark Emotional Photo

It’s one of the most artistic Photoshop tutorials for experts. The sad landscape shouldn’t make you give up studying the tutorial. Creating design works that “transmit” a feeling (in this case sadness) is a great achievement and it should convince you to pay closer attention to this tutorial.

Shopify Theme

I noticed that in the last year the number of tutorials explaining how to create a layout from scratch is very low. This is one of these and you shouldn’t miss!

3D Text Effect

Any web designer knows that the latest Photoshop versions are able to work with 3D items, but a very few were aware of how wonderful 3D works may be created. Check out this tutorial to make a cleared opinion about!

Abstract Portrait

You should be extremely patient if you want to achieve the final result of this tutorial, but I think that it fully deserves your endeavors.

Aquatic Photo Manipulation

The author of this Photoshop tutorial for experts is very creative and talented. I am totally amazed by the interesting blending of the elements; the final futuristic landscape is stunning!

Mystical Tribal Warrior

The Photoshop tutorials for experts are very long and this one isn’t an exception. I think that this tutorial should be studied by you- it will teach you how to add items in new landscapes and how to play with colors, lights, and shades.

Underwater Scene

Well, I must be honest with you! This tutorial has 59 steps…yeah, you read it correct, 59 steps! In spite of that, I think that you should give a heed to it because every step is very well explained and the author inserted many screenshots of the intermediary results. In this way is pretty simple to follow the workflow.

Medieval Scene

Playing with fire, disintegrating of a medieval knight and creating an inspiring scene is what you will learn from this tutorial. I think that I made you curious about, isn’t it?

Planet Earth

If you follow this tutorial, you will play with the Earth and I think that it’s enough to mention in order to captivate your attention.

Brilliant Photomontage

Digital Arts Online is one of the best Photoshop tutorials providers (check this post if you want a list of the best websites publishing Photoshop tutorials) and this tutorial is great. The author estimates that it may take 3-5 hours to complete the tutorial, therefore with patience and strong will you will be able to create a dreamy landscape.

Secret Mission Scene

Here is another cool tutorial and the final outcome is intriguing and beautiful. You will learn how to play with shades, how to insert objects in new contexts, how to create correct perspectives and these all are explained by a great designer and blogger, Maria Semelevich.

Ice Effects

Fabio Sasso is another famous designer and blogger and this tutorial is created by him. I like it very much, the designers that create posters must check this out!

Gig Poster Art

This is another poster design tutorial and you should see the outcome; it will entice you to study it.

Marble Statue

This is the last item from the list of Photoshop tutorials for experts. I warn you that this is a very frightening and dangerous tutorial- you will learn how to turn the face of a person into a marble statue!

These complex Photoshop tutorials for experts are enough for everyone in order to improve his/her skills. I hope that you will appreciate my endeavor of providing you some very interesting tutorials and you will share the post with your friends! If you want to get in your Inbox the latest Daniel2Design posts, then you may subscribe to my weekly newsletter!