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Fresh and free UI kits are like candies for designers – no matter how many they have stored on the hard-drive of the computer, they want more and more kits. I am addicted on UI kits and I fully understand this aspect. There are a couple of reasons why the UI kits are so appreciated.
UI kits are really useful
The designers won’t search desperately for fresh and free UI kits unless these are useless! A well designed UI kit substantially contributes to the success of a website. Adding cool elements into the layout and pairing them wisely is a sure way to realize an eye-catching online presence. If you take into account the fact that the designers are serious about the latest UI kits, these became a viable solution even for the most talented and experienced designers.
Another advantage of using UI kits is that these save time…sometimes save tons of hard work! The idea is simple: instead of wasting time to create buttons or forms, the designers may copy these from a top-quality UI kit and add into the website layout. The time saved may be used for creating a better user experience or for designing a new project.
UI kits “teach” you new techniques
Fresh and free UI kits aren’t destined only for simplifying the websites crafting process. These may be golden for a smart designer. The most attracting UI kits should by carefully studied by the designers and the new techniques learned should be applied in the next projects. Learning from other experiences is a sign of maturity and wisdom, isn’t it?
UI kits refill the inspiration level of the designers
Every one of us has some moments where his/her inspiration is on a low level. Unfortunately, these moments can’t be avoided, but there are some “remedies”. Ones of the best methods of regaining the inspiration level is to admire the cool creations of other designers…i.e. the next collection of fabulous, fresh and free UI kits!
The next UI kits are free, but I strongly recommend to double check the copyright requirements because the authors are free to update these. In the event that you use a kit from this list, it will be a great reward to the author to distribute the post via social networks. Also, if you consider useful this collection please share it with your friends, don’t be selfish!

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Material UI Kit


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