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Any web designer tries to make his/her works unforgettable. There are various solutions in this regards; some are positive while others are negative. As an example, a web designer may use Comic Sans in the menu of a business related website…definitely, the viewers won’t forget for many years the respective website. Well, I am pretty sure that you don’t want to create such unforgettable websites! Instead, you want to create good looking online presences that will be appreciated by the viewers.
Creating an original website is the most common idea when it’s about unforgettable websites. Sure, it’s Ok the idea, but how to put into practice? It’s very simple to say that you want to be an original web designer, but effectively creating original designs is a whole different story!
Another solution if you want to design standing apart creations is to use your humor! Yeah, there are many funny websites and the viewers felt in love with them. Beyond any doubt, realizing funny websites isn’t a simple task, but we will analyze the problem and I think that I found some solutions!
First of all, you should understand that you can’t create funny websites by accomplishing a single point from this list. If you want to make people smile, the website should be humor-centered! It’s all up to you, but if you are lacking the humor sense, I think that is better to avoid making funny websites. Therefore, let’s see how to design funny websites!

1. Use a joyful slogan

A joyful slogan is working as a magnet. It attract the eyes of the viewers and at the same time make them smile! It’s not simple to write some words that should attract hundreds of viewers, but I think that it deserves the endeavor!

2. Use illustrations

The huge majority of funny websites has incorporated into the layouts nice illustrations. These are joyful and create an optimistic atmosphere. The illustrations are created only by very talented designers; therefore you should hire a graphic designer. Of course, if you are a good graphic designer, then you should use your own creations.

3. Use unusual layouts

Some funny websites are appreciated due to the crazy menus or due to the cool fonts or shapes used. It’s a thin line between funny and original vs. poorly designed and illogical, so pay attention to this aspect!

4. Funny color combinations

Clearly, the colors are playing an important but discrete role in creating funny websites. The colors have the potential to enhance a design work, but it may ruin it by choosing a poor color scheme.
I hope that the next websites will make you smile. Also, if you like these designs please don’t be selfish and share the post with your friends!

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