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15 helpful Udemy Courses for Marketers

Digital marketer is one of the most desired jobs. The wage and the professional evolution are the primary reasons for working as a marketer. However, it comes with a few hidden disadvantages. First, it’s about the multiple changes in the marketing universe. Each day a new tool provides better results, and an unknown growth hacker creates a highly successful strategy. The customers became quickly bored, and marketers must find new ways to engage with them. Thus, a marketer should always be updated to what’s new in the marketing. Second, the competition is harsh. It’s more and more difficult to...

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10 interesting Internet marketing blogs for web designers

Willing or not, any blog administrator should have his hands dirty with Internet Marketing. The Internet is no more a place for finding information, it’s the fundament of many industries. The bloggers should pay their bills and monetizing the blog sounds as a good and profitable affair. Besides these, making money from blogging is in trend with the Internet state. Hence, it’s all about money! Surprisingly, there are bloggers who don’t want to gain any bucks from their blogs – they prefer to share their knowledge for free. I respect them and in the next weeks, I will create...

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10 useful blogs for bloggers and designers

I am aware of the fact that there are many designers that don’t have nothing in common with blogging and bloggers that don’t have nothing in common with design. Still, the majority of the designers consult blog posts and many times contribute to their favorite blogs. Also, the majority of bloggers are very interested in design. More or less, the bloggers and designers have many things in common. The next blogs are very useful for both bloggers and designers and I think that you should check each one. Here are 10 useful blogs for bloggers and designers that are...

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My personal list of best blogs for bloggers

Hello dear daniel2design readers! This time I have for you a special article and I really need your contribution. The more ideas, the better for everyone! In the next lines I will present you my personal list of best blogs for bloggers. The blogs are periodically checked by me and I am very satisfied with the quality of the information provided. I hope that you will check them and I am pretty sure that you will find many useful and interesting posts. My requirement is to share via comment form or social networks your most appreciated blogs. I preferred...

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