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Udemy courses for designers and developers – Black Friday edition

I have to confess that I love Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays because I am excited to purchase things that are way cheaper than in the rest of the days. I try to be objective and buy only stuff that I really need…you should follow my example. In order to avoid buying useless things, I use to create before Black Friday a list of needs and search for discounts. In this manner, I am no more a purchaser that is lacking the judgment, I am an educated and objective buyer. It’s not easy to give up to the temptations, but you should resist if you care about your budget. I am sure that you don’t have time for fluffy introductions, so I will keep it short. Udemy has started Black Friday promotions and the discounts are really really impressive! There are even 95% discounts and many massive courses are free. This is a special weekend packed with huge discounts, therefore visit Udemy for special offers. I also ask you to visit Daniel2Design to keep in touch with other impressive deals. If you are too busy to search for courses, I have good news for you! Here I collected for you the most interesting Udemy courses for designers and developers. Check them all; the courses are the most appreciated by students and have the best ratings. The Web Developer Bootcamp...

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10 free sets of textures for Photoshop lovers

Dear Photoshop lovers, here is another article that is destined for you. I published a few weeks ago two articles: a showcase of 10 brush packs and a showcase of 10 packs of shapes. Both of them were highly appreciated and I think that is still missing something – a showcase of 10 free sets of textures! Consequently, here is a new post – 10 free sets of textures for Photoshop lovers. As usual, all the sets are carefully checked by me and I think that these satisfy even the most demanding tastes of the users. There is nothing...

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10 free sets of brushes for Photoshop lovers

I think that offering useful freebies to a designer is similar to offering candies to kids. As the kids are happy when they receive candies, the same is happening with a designer; the quality freebies make him happy and eager to use these in the next projects. I am such a designer and I am excited to announce you that this post is about 10 useful packs of brushes. I tried to collect brush packs with various inspiration sources; from water and high-resolution brushes to grungy or smoke ones. I hope that these will be appreciated by you and...

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10 free sets of shapes for Photoshop lovers

Even though we like it or not, Adobe Photoshop is a cornerstone in the evolution of the web and graphic design. The IT companies developed more and more powerful alternative solutions, but it still has an impressive market share. I think that you can’t name yourself a designer unless you opened a Photoshop file. Anyway, the designers created amazing works using Photoshop and I think that it will continue to be one of the most used pieces of software for many years. I guess that the majority of the Daniel2Design readers are passionate about Photoshop and created cool projects...

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10 free to download psd website templates

I think that in order to learn web design two methods work the best. The first one is learning by doing and I think that none disagree with me. The second method is to learn by studying and eventually copying (but not stealing) the works of the most experienced designers. Learning from the best ones is extremely efficient, but it implies their participation. Well…it’s not quite true…you may learn from the best designers without their presence or participation. I am a poor web designer, but I learn a lot from the best designers and I didn’t get in touch...

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15 fresh and free UI kits

Fresh and free UI kits are like candies for designers – no matter how many they have stored on the hard-drive of the computer, they want more and more kits. I am addicted on UI kits and I fully understand this aspect. There are a couple of reasons why the UI kits are so appreciated. UI kits are really useful The designers won’t search desperately for fresh and free UI kits unless these are useless! A well designed UI kit substantially contributes to the success of a website. Adding cool elements into the layout and pairing them wisely is...

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