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10 websites offering free textures for Photoshop

I didn’t believe that there are so many Photoshop lovers before launching this blog. Right now, I am realizing that the Internet is full of Photoshop users and all of them appreciate any useful resource or information. I tried all my best in the previous posts about Photoshop tutorials and the readers highly appreciated my endeavors. It gives me special powers and I want to continue offering quality articles for my readers. By the way, you may give me a “Like” in order to have in your timeline the latest posts!!! This time I present you 10 great websites offering...

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15 websites to get free Photoshop brushes

If you want to make a designer happy, then give him/her free Photoshop brushes! The validity of this idea isn’t scientifically based, but it works in practice! In fact, any quality freebie or profitable deal has attracted any designer! A quality brush, action or font isn’t expensive, but the arsenal of any designer should have tons of these items. In this context, it’s fully understandable why so many designers are almost addictive to free Photoshop brushes. Well, I noticed this aspect and I try to help the designers as much as I can. I created for them a list...

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10 websites offering useful freebies

There are many reasons to became a web designer; of course, there are some disadvantages, but overall, I think that there are more reasons in favor than against. One of the reasons that determined my positive opinion about being a web design is the fact that the web designers community is very connected. The designers are very helpful and the appurtenance to the design world is an honor to me. Many designers offer useful freebies, some give pieces of advice on various forums and blogs while other create attractive tutorials showing interesting tricks. I am very grateful to the...

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15 fresh and good-looking freebies

Any designer loves freebies and I can’t ignore the chance of making happy the Danie2Design readers. Consequently, I collected for you 15 good-looking freebies. All of them are hand-picked so I am pretty sure that you will love these. I am grateful to the creators of these works because this post wouldn’t exist without their endeavors. These good-looking freebies are, in fact, various kits, mock-ups, landing pages or icons sets. It’s the first post under the category of “Freebies” and I allowed myself to offer you a very general list of items that have in common a single fact: the high quality. Making a high-quality work and offering it for free isn’t as simple as it might seem to be. On contrary, offering for free a poor quality piece of design can be regarded as an offence for some individuals. On the other hand, good-looking freebies work as a magnet and in this way a designer may create some buzz around his/her portfolio. Definitely, creating a freebie may be a profitable affair! I think that a good freebie brings only advantages. The creator gets some followers and/or friends and step by step the personal brand is improved. The ones that use the freebie may study it and learn new techniques but also may insert some items in the future projects. Do you agree with me? Did you ever create...

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