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Web Design Inspiration: 15 amazing music websites

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will continue the Web Design Inspiration collection. Here is the fourth post that falls into this category; this time it’s about music websites. All of them are cool and will boost your inspiration.Initially, I thought that this post will be a boring collection of colorful websites enabling auto-play. The truth is that I am thrilled by the creativity of the designers!  All these music sites deserve your attention. Some websites are created by famous design agencies having no budget restrictions. It’s the case of Pharrell Williams that hired the best designers....

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Web Design Inspiration: 15 amazing food & drink websites

You are lucky if you read these lines! This is the first edition of a new type of article – Web Design Inspiration. In fact, this was the primary purpose of Daniel2Design – to offer valuable sources of inspiration for designers! Unfortunately, inspiration is a totally inconstant entity – sometimes you may have the inspiration to create awesome websites in no time, but sometimes you can spend hours just to draw a simple line. One of the methods of fueling the inspiration level is to study some quality pieces of design – as the ones exhibited below. I guess...

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15 stunning portfolios of design agencies

People created tons of definitions for almost everything on this planet: both for material and immaterial entities. In spite of this, we can’t fully describe common things, including ourselves. This situation is common to the designers, too. They have created amazing websites for clients, but making the own portfolio is ten times more difficult! I think that it’s about subjectivity – it’s in human nature not being able to objectively (you may read „correctly”) self-evaluate. Much more, the more important a thing is for us, the less objective we are! Definitely, a portfolio is a very important aspect of...

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20 websites with parallax scrolling

The websites with parallax scrolling are a big paradox for me! Few years ago the designers claimed that the users simply hate scrolling! In spite of this, the websites with parallax scrolling are highly appreciated. I have no idea, who is right and who is wrong? A possible answer is that across time the tastes of the Internet users changed. It might be possible… I hope that I didn’t disappoint or I didn’t put you in trouble. To be sure about, I want to offer a great list of websites with parallax scrolling for your inspiration. All these websites...

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20 wonderful charity websites

Usually, the designers are very pressed by the clients and the projects to do. Working under pressure is like a second nature for some of them. Of course, it’s not only the case of the designers. Still, we should find time for better things! I tried to create a post that should mix these “better things” with the daily dose on inspiration needed by any designer. The result is here -15 wonderful charity websites for your inspiration! Unfortunately, I am not able to help all the people needing it, but I try to make a better world with my...

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15 e-commerce websites to get inspired

Previously, I wrote about designing amazing creative ads and I tried to convince you how challenging is to realize these projects. Another very challenging type of projects is the e-commerce websites. The crafting of an online store isn’t different from crafting other websites, but there is an aspect that shouldn’t be ignored. Any mistake regarding the design of an e-commerce website means losing money; in some cases it’s about important amounts of money. This fact shouldn’t alarm you, it should motivate you and I want to help you by showcasing 15 e-commerce websites to get inspired. All the online...

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