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15 amazing creative ads for your inspiration

I am crazy in love with the ads…I may spend tons of hours watching amazing creative ads in video or print format. It’s true that many of these are very boring, but there is a part of them that are interesting. Honestly, I haven’t ever created a video ad, but I designed a few print ads. I think that it’s one of the most interesting type of projects for a designer. Usually, the amazing creative ads are created by the designers that have full freedom. In the next lines, I will briefly explain my personal algorithm of making print...

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15 funny websites to delight the viewers

Any web designer tries to make his/her works unforgettable. There are various solutions in this regards; some are positive while others are negative. As an example, a web designer may use Comic Sans in the menu of a business related website…definitely, the viewers won’t forget for many years the respective website. Well, I am pretty sure that you don’t want to create such unforgettable websites! Instead, you want to create good looking online presences that will be appreciated by the viewers. Creating an original website is the most common idea when it’s about unforgettable websites. Sure, it’s Ok the...

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15 wonderful typography projects

It’s the beginning of the weekend and I think that everyone is planning what to do in these free days. As a result, the effective power is on a low level and a fresh dose of inspiration is golden. Sometimes, I think that a five minutes inspirational post is more efficient than two hours of relaxation. Beyond any doubt, it depends on each one mentality and work manner, but in my case the inspirational posts give me extra powers. Seeing how other designers found original solutions to old problems give me a special motivation to realize better design projects....

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15 creative 404 webpages for your inspiration

Few years ago, every web design related blog periodically posted showcases of creative 404 webpages and the visitors were impressed by them. Unfortunately, in the last time 404 webpages were ignored. I am a big fan of good looking and creative 404 webpages and I hope that my “404 collection” will make you more inspired to accomplish your projects. 404 error is the most famous one for web designers and it signifies that the server can’t find a specific request of a client (as in the case of a broken link). You may ignore the 404 error and the...

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15 amazing posters for your inspiration

The posters are ones of the most interesting types of design projects. Usually, the designers have a few limitations and the result is the creation of amazing posters. A poster must be eye-catching, else it is a waste of time. Despite the huge number of amazing posters, creating a cool one is a challenging job. In the next lines, I will present my method of creating posters. I am not sure that it will work for everyone, but the principles behind this algorithm are correct. If you have other methods please use the comment form and share your thoughts...

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15 stunning smartwatch concepts

Smartwatch concepts are one of the hottest personal projects of a designer. Anyone involved in the design industry should convince the potential clients that he/she not only has good design skills, but he/she must prove that is updated to “current version” of design. I mentioned many times on Daniel2Design this aspect and I will continue to preach this idea – a designer should impress the clients with modern pieces of design. Instead of having a portfolio presenting your good looking websites created using the skeuomorphic approach, a good designer will impress the potential clients with smartwatch concepts or mobile...

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