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15 very interesting infographics

If you want to make some buzz around your work as a designer, a good solution is to create some interesting infographics. The “revolution” of infographics started few years ago and it seems that people are still captivated with these. The result is simple to anticipate: many interesting infographics are periodically created and some of them are highly appreciated by the Internet users. Taking into account the huge number of cool and interesting infographics created, someone may judge that these are simple to realize. The reality is very different! A good infographic is based on two factors: quality design...

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15 delicious food related templates

I think that one of the most interesting web design projects is to create a food related website. In the last years, these kinds of projects have grown exponentially and consequently, the markets are full of top quality food related templates. Of course, there are already many websites online! The expansion of food-related templates and websites is determined by multiple factors. The restaurant owners realized that without a good online presence, their business is at risks. Secondly, people are more and more interested in eating more natural and healthy. Consequently, the number of food-focused blogs has grown, too. Regardless...

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15 animated websites for your inspiration

Creating animated websites is one of the most difficult tasks for a web designer. Ten years ago, the “average” website was simple as structure, but pretty difficult in terms of usability. Nowadays, we have complex and animated websites. There are various CSS effects and Java scripts that allow an unbelievable level of dynamism. These have as output a stronger engagement of the readers and overall, the www looks nicer. It’s obvious that having more attracting and accessible websites is an advantage, but this fact implies huge efforts from the designers. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solid study in this...

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15 fabulous photo manipulations

Recently, I published a post showcasing 15 photo manipulation tutorials and it has received many reactions from my readers. Photo manipulations are indeed extremely eye-catching and many designers are interested in admiring the most creative works of other fellows. As a result, I made up another list of creative photo manipulations – this time it is only for inspiration, there is no tutorial. It took me some hours to select the most interesting ones, but I really liked this activity. I have always tried to be more creative, but the results are still mediocre. My idea about creativity is...

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15 stunning digital paintings realized using Adobe Photoshop

I think that there is no perfect job – to gain much money without making any effort. Still some jobs suppose a bigger or smaller volume of work and pressure. The job of a designer is one of the most challenging one and it implies lots of endeavors and hours of self-preparing in order to stay updated on the latest news. Adobe Photoshop changed the designers’ way of work. That is crystal clear! One of the most difficult aspects of a designer job is the fact that he/she is at the same time a computer specialist but also an...

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15 fresh and amazing Tumblr themes

Managing a blog isn’t easy at all. Daniel2Design is a two month blog and this period was enough to realize that a blog requires a lot of attention, endeavor and patience. I was prepared for the worst situations, but nothing can’t be compared to the real experience of blogging. Usually, people launching a blog has a strong passion for and the writing and the posting of articles is a hobby. Still, there is a universal problem: the time. No matter how talented a designer is, the day is 24 hours…nothing more, nothing less! “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine...

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