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10 interesting Google+ communities

Google+ is a social network that is created with the idea of taking all the positive aspects of all other social networks. It takes elements from Facebook or Twitter and these are combined in order to provide a better user experience. Of course, Google+ has many original items. Overall, it becomes a social network that can’t be neglected. Every important website or brand can’t allow the luxury of neglecting the presence on Google+. The algorithm of website classification isn’t available for Internet users, but it’s 99,999% sure that the Google+ activity is taken into account. Google+ communities are specific to this network and I think that these are ones of the most useful for users. Anywhere and anytime, a community formed by people sharing a common passion is a very good environment for sharpening the skills. To make a better idea about, Google+ communities can be compared to forums, but the interaction between members is much simplified. The huge number of communities may put into the troubles the ones interested in joining the most interesting ones. Consequently, we deeply searched for you and we collected for you 10 interesting and useful Google+ communities. Google Plus Pro Tips There are hosted conversations about how to get the most from using Google+. It’s a public community, formed from 109,000 members. Web Designers There are many Google+ communities destined for web designers,...

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15 amazing love projects for Valentine’s Day

As I mentioned in the previous posts, Daniel2Design is a blog focused on design…especially on good design. The specific feature of it is the fact that Daniel2Design isn’t a place to find out the latest design techniques or tips to create amazing websites. I launched this blog in order to provide you the daily dose of inspiration and from time to time some showcases of useful resources. Also, any contribution from you is welcomed and always will be – to quote Facebook. Briefly, if you are tired or bored, then you should visit Daniel2Design and you will find an inspiring or useful post. It’s Valentine’s Day and all of us must focus on our partners. Personally, I think that it doesn’t matter if Valentine’s Day is a celebrated in your country. The essence of this day is that none should forget his/her partner regardless the pressure we are accustomed to live. It’s true that nowadays the commercial aspect is way more important than the Valentine’s Day essence and this fact frustrates people. I want to see only the bright side of our life, so instead of making assumptions about Valentine’s Day, it’s better to refill your inspirational level with some wonderful love projects. All of them are carefully selected and I hope that these will attract your attention. These love projects are a combination of good design and love...

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15 good looking Ghost themes

Simplicity is always attractive. No matter that it’s applied in design, fashion, architecture or technology, what is simple and useful is instantly associated with high quality. “Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away” French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said and he was right. In November 2012, John O’Nolan started with this idea in mind a new project. He wasn’t satisfied with the high level of WordPress complexity and decided that there must a complete shift. The new project, called Ghost, was created in order to let the readers focus on the content. In other lines, Ghost is a distraction free WordPress…definitely not a complete definition, but it expresses the core idea of this new platform. Still not many people have a clear idea about Ghost and its potential even though it has very interesting features. One of the most interesting feature of Ghost is the fact that this platform is really created to write better and faster while the readers will have a great experience. Unlike, WordPress, Ghost is suited only for blogging, nothing more, and nothing less! If you aren’t familiarized or even you don’t have any idea about Ghost then this post should work as an appetizer. It’s extremely difficult to make an exact prediction about Internet evolution, but the opinion of the...

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