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16 resources to take online courses

The technology and Internet evolve so fast that universities hardly manage to keep the rhythm. It might happen that what you learn in the first year of a design school is utterly outdated after graduation. It’s crystal clear that self-preparing is a necessity; I emphasized it in many posts. Instead of blaming colleges, you should accept that the future is in your hands. Online learning is a reliable alternative to conventional education. Much more, many universities have understood the complex context and have tested the waters by providing online courses. Luckily, there are many resources to take online courses....

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Best Udemy courses for designers and developers – autumn edition

Online learning is a reliable alternative to design schools. It’s way cheaper, and you can study whenever and however you want. On top of that, online courses are focused on practice. Udemy is a resource storing tons of online courses for a large variety of purposes. In this post, I introduce the best Udemy courses for designers and developers to you. Luckily, Udemy doesn’t resume to technology and coding; there are classes for music, lifestyle, and fitness. If you want to develop your hobbies and you opt for online learning, then Udemy should be your first choice. Check the...

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10 Skillshare courses for Adobe Photoshop users

Skillshare is an exciting learning community that isn’t as famous as Udemy, Lynda or Treehouse but there are many useful courses. More exactly, Skillshare host for us 9000 courses!!! A strong Skillshare advantage is the variety of the courses: from design, technology, business and writing to crafting, fashion, and culinary. Practically, there are courses for every field of activity. The menu and the filtering system are user-friendly and these will let you find the desired course with just a few clicks. The courses are targeted for beginners and medium users; there are a few for advanced users. In other...

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Best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016 – part one

Dear designers and developers, 2016 is almost history and we have enjoyed the last days of this year! I wish to my readers all the best in the new year and I hope that you will keep on visiting Daniel2Design. I want to make you a big surprise and I prepared a huge collection of the best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016. Willing or not, the number of Photoshop tutorials diminished considerably in the last two years. More and more Photoshop experts changed their strategy and prefer to create online courses instead of writing tutorials. This is the reason...

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11 Facebook groups for Photoshop users

Last year I wrote an article showcasing the best Facebook groups for Photoshop users. It is still one of the most visited articles and plenty of readers shared it. Meanwhile, some groups evolved while others became less important. This dynamic is normal in any system and Facebook groups aren’t an exception. I respect the time of the readers and I try to offer them the best information. Consequently, I made an extensive research to check the state of Facebook groups for Photoshop users. I don’t pretend that my research is the most accurate, but I tried all my best...

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Udemy courses for designers and developers – Black Friday edition

I have to confess that I love Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays because I am excited to purchase things that are way cheaper than in the rest of the days. I try to be objective and buy only stuff that I really need…you should follow my example. In order to avoid buying useless things, I use to create before Black Friday a list of needs and search for discounts. In this manner, I am no more a purchaser that is lacking the judgment, I am an educated and objective buyer. It’s not easy to give up to the temptations, but you should resist if you care about your budget. I am sure that you don’t have time for fluffy introductions, so I will keep it short. Udemy has started Black Friday promotions and the discounts are really really impressive! There are even 95% discounts and many massive courses are free. This is a special weekend packed with huge discounts, therefore visit Udemy for special offers. I also ask you to visit Daniel2Design to keep in touch with other impressive deals. If you are too busy to search for courses, I have good news for you! Here I collected for you the most interesting Udemy courses for designers and developers. Check them all; the courses are the most appreciated by students and have the best ratings. The Web Developer Bootcamp...

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