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10 interesting IoT Udemy courses to check right now

I published lists of best Udemy courses for designers and developers and best courses for WordPress users. Now, it’s time for another Udemy round-up – most interesting IoT Udemy courses. Internet of Things has the potential to create a new technological revolution. Some experts consider that Internet of Things will radically change our life. Altogether, IoT is still in infancy stage and entrepreneurs, developers, and engineers work hard to implement it in our current activities. It’s only a matter of time until IoT will be part of your life. But what in fact is Internet of Things? Internet falls...

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15 free tutorials to learn cool Photoshop effects – 2017 autumn edition

I neglected posting Photoshop tutorials, and some readers emailed me to change this situation. I am sorry for this mistake, and I promise that it will never happen. Tutorials are an efficient method of learning new Photoshop effects. Additionally, online courses are reliable alternatives to tutorials. However, Udemy or Skillshare courses require a small investment, and it might affect people on tight budgets. I should mention that I am an Udemy affiliate, and I am biased, but many courses are a real bargain. For instance, there are Udemy courses of 30 hours of detailed explanations and their price is...

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16 resources to take online courses

The technology and Internet evolve so fast that universities hardly manage to keep the rhythm. It might happen that what you learn in the first year of a design school is utterly outdated after graduation. It’s crystal clear that self-preparing is a necessity; I emphasized it in many posts. Instead of blaming colleges, you should accept that the future is in your hands. Online learning is a reliable alternative to conventional education. Much more, many universities have understood the complex context and have tested the waters by providing online courses. Luckily, there are many resources to take online courses....

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Best Udemy courses for designers and developers – autumn edition

Online learning is a reliable alternative to design schools. It’s way cheaper, and you can study whenever and however you want. On top of that, online courses are focused on practice. Udemy is a resource storing tons of online courses for a large variety of purposes. In this post, I introduce the best Udemy courses for designers and developers to you. Luckily, Udemy doesn’t resume to technology and coding; there are classes for music, lifestyle, and fitness. If you want to develop your hobbies and you opt for online learning, then Udemy should be your first choice. Check the...

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10 Skillshare courses for Adobe Photoshop users

Skillshare is an exciting learning community that isn’t as famous as Udemy, Lynda or Treehouse but there are many useful courses. More exactly, Skillshare host for us 9000 courses!!! A strong Skillshare advantage is the variety of the courses: from design, technology, business and writing to crafting, fashion, and culinary. Practically, there are courses for every field of activity. The menu and the filtering system are user-friendly and these will let you find the desired course with just a few clicks. The courses are targeted for beginners and medium users; there are a few for advanced users. In other...

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Best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016 – part one

Dear designers and developers, 2016 is almost history and we have enjoyed the last days of this year! I wish to my readers all the best in the new year and I hope that you will keep on visiting Daniel2Design. I want to make you a big surprise and I prepared a huge collection of the best Photoshop tutorials published in 2016. Willing or not, the number of Photoshop tutorials diminished considerably in the last two years. More and more Photoshop experts changed their strategy and prefer to create online courses instead of writing tutorials. This is the reason...

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