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Best online courses for designers and developers – October edition

November is my favorited month because it is associated with the coming of winter. Due to the climate change, this association isn’t accurate, but at least in my subconscious, it is still working. Another reason why you should like November is Black Friday! It’s not a romantic argument, but it’s still a reasonable one! I prepared for you a few amazing surprises, deals, and discounts for Black Friday. Starting with October 14, Daniel2Design should be visited constantly if you hunt for killing offers! Udemy, Skillshare, and other online course providers are ready to offer amazing Black Friday discounts. As...

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12 text effect tutorials for Photoshop experts – 2016 autumn edition

Creating attractive text effects is a never-ending trend. Text effects are created since the first releases of Adobe Photoshop and it seems that these will last for many years. The success of text effects is determined by a few important factors. Firstly, typography is used in the huge majority of the projects. If you want to create a good design work, it’s mandatory to use eye-catching texts. Secondly, text effects are relatively simple and intuitive. Usually, the first projects of the beginners are text effects. The same as in life, the first love is hard to forget! I posted...

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10 useful forums for web designers and developers

I consider that the forums are ignored by the most web designers and developers and it’s a truly bad mistake. These are extremely useful – you may save time and resources, get new connections, read other fellows’ opinions, learn new things or eventually get a new job. I think that a good web designer or developer should be part of at least one forum community. The particularity of a forum is that you can get help for concrete issues. The helpers are educated users willing to save your time and resources. Comparing with the blog posts, even the most...

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11 YouTube channels for Photoshop lovers

YouTube is one of my best teachers. I learned a lot by watching videos uploaded by highly qualified experts. By using YouTube I have learned many WordPress tricks, how to deal with website maintenance or how to use and buy smartphones and tablets. It’s nothing special, the only particularity is that I use YouTube intensively and I have tons of subscriptions. The studies reveal that the video consumption is constantly growing, therefore we should be prepared to watch even more videos. Obviously, there are many YouTube channels for Photoshop lovers and I subscribed to many of them. It’s true...

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Best online courses for designers and developers – September edition

I wrote few months ago articles showcasing Udemy courses and many readers appreciated them. The emails from readers are giving me special powers and make me think that I am not working in vain. From now on, I decided to publish a monthly collection of the most interesting courses for designers and developers. Preponderant, the courses presented are released on Udemy or Skillshare. Therefore, here is the September edition of the best online courses for designers and developers. The courses presented are released in September – in other words, these are fresh, useful and easy to understand. Depending on...

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Udemy Courses for designers: how to become a wizard of Adobe tools

A few months ago, I published a collection of best Udemy courses for developers and another one for WordPress users. I think that I neglected the “pure” designers – the ones that aren’t interested or don’t what to get their hands dirty with coding. Willing or not, a designer can’t name himself a designer unless he/she uses at least a product from Adobe suite. Some say that these software products are expensive, some say that the features aren’t good enough but all of them use Adobe products! I guess that all the readers of this post have used at...

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