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10 fresh and cheap web development courses

One of the most common concerns of a web designer or developer is that he/she can’t keep the same rhythm as Internet evolution. Nowadays, the WWW is spreading at a fast rate and it is almost impossible to stay updated with all latest news. Much more, what you learn in school may be useless or outdated in real life! Yeah, I learned to create websites using tables, but I didn’t create any using this method for a client. I think that I am not the only one in this situation! Willing or not, the website crafters must try all...

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15 creative Photoshop tutorials – 2016 spring collection

Unfortunately for my loyal readers, I took a break for almost two months since I published my last article. The good news is that I start again posting – this time a useful collection of fresh and creative Photoshop tutorials. You may accuse me of not being modest (yeah, shame on me) but I am involved in design blogosphere for more than five years. I have enough reasons to consider me as an experienced user of web design blogs. In fact, I am a self-taught designer and I learn a lot by consulting various blogs. Daniel2Design is created to...

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20 best Photoshop tutorials released in 2015

This year I published a single blog post – a showcase of great WordPress themes released in 2015 for blogging. I strongly recommend to check it out, the themes are truly outstanding! The post was highly appreciated by the readers and it made me think that this idea may work in the case of Adobe Photoshop tutorials. Consequently, here is a new post –Best Photoshop tutorials released in 2015! Searching for Photoshop tutorials was a pleasant activity (by the way, here is a list of 15 great blogs publishing tutorials), but selecting which one deserves to be added in...

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Santa Clause’s gifts for designers – best Udemy courses released in 2015

I hope that Santa Clause brought you the gifts you wanted and that all of you are happy. According to my humble opinion, Christmas is the most beautiful day of the year! It’s impossible to offer a gift to all my readers but believe me, I really want to recompense you for visiting my blog. One of the best solution to recompense you is to offer the best content and the most interesting news. I have tried and I will continue the struggle of being a better blogger! Another solution is to give you some cool freebies…well, I think...

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Special post: Udemy courses for Black Friday

As you have already noticed, I started entering into the realm of Affiliate Marketing and I think that Udemy is my best partner. I guess that my decision it’s not quite interesting for you; Daniel2Design will remain a blog focused on web design. Regardless my personal choices, Udemy is one of the top providers of online video courses. Practically, here are tons of courses for every field of activity (if you prefer numbers – more than 32,000 and over 8 million students). Of course, web design is a domain that can’t be ignored and the courses teaching web design...

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10 free & useful Udemy courses for Photoshop lovers

Daniel2design is a seven months old blog and I was totally struck by the fact that I managed to create a small base of loyal readers. I tried to offer interesting and useful information…you are the only one that decide whether I really managed to do it! Recently, I realized that I ignored a very important aspect. Nowadays, more than ever, the power of multimedia is used in all the fields. Of course, web design isn’t an exception. I wrote in the past various inspirational showcases that emphasize the use of video or full image backgrounds. You may check...

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