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15 SEO blogs that are useful for any web designer

It’s worldwide accepted that a serious web designer must periodically consult some SEO blogs. The world of website optimization is very dynamic. Consequently, it’s almost a certitude that what is today a good and efficient method of optimization, tomorrow would be inefficient and outdated. This week, Google announced that a new algorithm of ranking websites will be used and it will affect the online presences that aren’t optimized for mobile users. Some SEO practitioners state that this new update will affect not only the less optimized websites for mobile users and they are waiting for surprises. The SEO blogs...

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15 fresh photo manipulation tutorials

Photo manipulation tutorials are ones of the most interesting types of tutorials. The purpose of a tutorial is to help the ones that follow the steps of it to achieve a final result. In the end, the user learnt a new technique. The photo manipulation tutorials are special because you can learn a new technique, but at the same time you can understand how to design an artistic creation. In other lines, you may check how a designer is playing with his/her imagination; in this way it’s revealed the artistic side of the designer. Learning a new technique may...

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15 websites posting interesting Photoshop tutorials

There is no doubt that Photoshop tutorials are a great source of sharpening the skills. These combine theoretical aspects with practice and this mixture is the best solution to learning new techniques and ideas. Usually, Adobe Photoshop tutorials are in written format, but also in video format. The advantage of the written tutorials is the modular structure that allows for the user taking a break and eventually to continue following the tutorial. The advantage of the video format is that the seeing is a more efficient solution of learning that reading. Luckily, the Internet is full of good websites...

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15 amazing websites released in March

Daniel2Design is already two months old and this is the third edition of the collection exhibiting the best websites released during a month. This time, it’s about March! I was deeply impressed by the websites released in March; there are tons of wonderful online presences and it was a real pleasure to select the best websites for you. Definitely, behind these amazing works it’s the huge endeavors of the designers. I wonder how a web designer that created such marvelous works as the websites released in March from this post is managing his/her time. There are so many tasks...

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20 fresh websites released in February

A month ago we published an article about the best websites published in January and it was one of the most appreciated post of Daniel2Design. It’s true that the websites showcased are really stunning and it is the exclusive kudos of the creators. We are already in March, so I created the second post dedicated to the best websites released in a month period. The same as last month, selecting only 15 websites is a very challenging task…consequently, I added 20 websites on the list for February. Obviously, all of them are looking great. I didn’t notice any special trend, but it’s clear that the web design evolves. I believe that the websites become more and more interactive and dynamic. The websites created in the next years will look like a combination between the actual websites and mobile applications; I dare to name these hybrid websites. Material Design seems to be the base of the future web design revolution and I think that it is a very good fundament. The Internet of things is another potential factor that may determine another web design “revolution”. Overall, the future years are exciting for any web designer, but it’s crystal clear that working as a web designer won’t be a simpler task as it currently is. The next websites are created very recently and these look great, therefore enjoy them and get...

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15 useful and fresh Adobe Photoshop tutorials released in January

Adobe Photoshop is 25 years old and it’s probably the most famous software solution in the world. Across time it evolved a lot and nowadays Photoshop is a complex environment for manipulating images. Due to its complexity, the individuals willing to learn how to use it encounter many issues even though the interface is intuitive and user-centered. Adobe Photoshop tutorials are a great and widely used method of learning how to use it. Luckily, the Internet is full of many interesting tutorials and everyone may became a master of Photoshop. There is a large palette of tutorials, varying from rocky ones that explain the very basic commands used to very complex ones that are written by experts for experts. Adobe Photoshop tutorials are very efficient because the ones interested in learning the secrets of it may study how other experienced designers work. It’s not a surprise, but the key of learning any kind of software is the practice…nothing more, nothing less. It’s true that the talent is important, but it comes second to the hours of hard working. The life of the designers isn’t simple at all because the design is a very dynamic field and anyone should keep the rhythm of changes. It’s pretty enough to neglect the design novelties and stop sharpening the skills for some months to be catalogued as an “outdated designer”. Definitely, you don’t...

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