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15 fresh and amazing websites released in January

Making a good website is a difficult job, but making a standing apart one is way more difficult. The huge number of online presences is a good thing for the Internet users, but for web designers the situation is almost opposite. Practically, there are so many websites that is almost impossible to bring something new to the market. In addition to that, the websites become more complex and their crafting process is more complicated. I guess that I convinced you that web design isn’t a profitable job!!! Well, the truth is that there are many advantages as a web designer. Firstly, it’s a great reward to impress the Internet users with your freshly created websites. Secondly, the quality work is paid well. Thirdly, but not lastly, the websites done may be exhibited here! I proposed to monthly publish a round-up of the best websites released into the respective month. It’s impossible to define the exact criteria of selection, the list is based mostly on my humble opinion. It means that I am very interested in your opinion about these, so please feel free to drop me a line about your thoughts. I like all the below websites, these combine the classic principles of design with modernist or even futurist elements and the outcome is wonderful. These are very dynamic and every pixel is carefully designed so many congratulations to...

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15 extremely creative Chrome experiments

It’s obvious that responsive design is the new, but also the single modality of creating modern websites. The web design community is trying to fix the inevitable issues and bugs and the outcome is more beautiful and usable websites. The fact that a website may be enjoyed by no matter device is no longer a deep satisfaction of a designer or of an Internet user. Nowadays, the Internet is no more a place only for information exchange and the competition amongst webmasters is very harsh…only the best manage to survive. Consequently, making a website is a real challenge, but...

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