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10 online courses for WordPress beginners

Jack Ma isn’t only a wealthy businessman, but he is also a great speaker and influencer. Check this video to make an idea about his vision. I like the most that he is always positive and see opportunities while others see these as issues. You should try to copy his mindset, and you will have better results. For instance, don’t blame that Fiverr is full of good WordPress developers. Don’t blame other developers that they have amazing portfolios. The ideal approach is to understand that you are responsible for your faith. If you are patient and work hard, you...

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20 essential SEO WordPress plugins

Any online presence is dependent on the traffic received and this situation will remain valid no matter how the Internet and web design will evolve. The number of websites is growing exponentially while the number of new Internet users grows with a considerable smaller ratio. In this context, attracting more visitors to your website is day by day more challenging. Google and other “big players” from the www world clearly mention that good content will always attract new visitors and many of them will turn into regular readers. Undoubtedly, good content is the fundament of any successful website, but...

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10 WordPress themes for e-commerce activities released in 2015

The previous post about the best WordPress themes for blogging released in 2015 was a big hit in terms of traffic. I am super excited and as usual, the appreciation of the readers give me special powers. Consequently, I keep on showcasing WordPress themes; this time is about WordPress themes for e-commerce activities. A good design and a great user experience are two mandatory conditions for any successful e-commerce online presence. Also, it’s important to mention that even the most insignificant mistake negatively affects the profitability of the store. Under these circumstances, it’s pretty obvious why the WordPress developers...

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10 awesome WordPress themes for blogging released in 2015

2015 is gone…it was a very interesting year for WordPress community. There was no huge revolution, but the new iterations of WordPress, the design trends, and latest development techniques made the year quite interesting. Let’s hope that all these are the base of an extraordinary new year! The WordPress developers created amazing themes that simply delighted the users and we should be grateful for their huge endeavors. I respect very much their works and in the next posts, I will highlight the best WordPress themes released in 2015. Of course, it’s impossible to make an objective judgment, but you...

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10 extremely good-looking e-commerce WordPress themes

Finally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over! I am not happy that the huge discounts are over, but I am satisfied that I won’t receive tons of emails reminding me that I am lucky and I get a 90% discount for no matter product! Some offers were really interesting and the discounts truly massive (as Udemy did), but the huge number of emails really annoyed me. I am sure that I am not the only one! I have never believed that there are so many online stores! What is amazing is the fact that there are still some...

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10 free Udemy courses for WordPress users

Last week I published an article showcasing you 10 amazing and free Udemy courses for Photoshop lovers. It was a big hit in terms of traffic and I received a lot of positive signals via social media. I am very happy that my readers appreciated the post. Consequently, I want to make the same “surprise” to the WordPress users. It was really a nice job to search for the best Udemy courses for WordPress users and here are my top ten ones. Personally, I think that video courses combined with a solid communication between the teacher and students are...

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