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15 websites that sell and buy WordPress themes

Despite the fact that the number of websites that sell and buy WordPress themes is constantly growing, there are still people needing themes. Also, there are many cool themes that aren’t purchased or even “discovered” by the potential clients. The immense success of WordPress amongst Internet users determined the designers to pay more attention to this amazing tool. The result is obvious: we have an entire industry of themes and plugins for WordPress. The repository is full of great free plugins and themes and many designers offer premium ones. Practically, it’s impossible not to find a proper plugin or...

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20 cool themes for photographer portfolios

A designer without a portfolio is like a person without an identity card. A portfolio doesn’t guarantee that it will bring customers; the only certitude is that it demonstrates your existence. The Internet is a very competitive environment and the portfolio owners must “fight” for each client. This fierce competition has determined the web evolution – in order to stay apart and get clients you should have a great portfolio and services. It the case of photographers, too. The photographer portfolios are one of the most challenging projects for any web designer. First of all, the design must be...

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15 extremely creative WordPress themes

Anyone wants a website that is standing apart, that is different from the rest. The idea is very good, in this way the website owner or his/her product is more attractive to the potential customers. Still, the average individual is daily “assaulted” by many promotional offers and he/she get the sixth sense- the one responsible for ignoring the commercial ads. In this context is impossible to offer something 100% original. The multitude of ads is no longer a surprise to anyone, but this state is valid also in web design. The number of websites is so big that is...

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15 awesome WordPress themes for DJs and musicians

The majority of web designers and developers are very active persons that work day and night. Still, from time to time, everyone needs a relaxation time and the website creators aren’t an exception. Luckily, we have tons of options to relax depending on each one preference. Some prefer going in nature, others prefer traveling and visiting other countries while another part of designers & developers enjoy going into the pubs or clubs to listen to the mixes of their favorite DJs. It’s true that the most important aspect of a DJ work is the music, but a good website presentation is extremely useful in getting more fans. Obviously, the WordPress community have paid attention to this fact and we have tons of WordPress themes for DJs. These themes must be in accordance with the style of the DJ, but at the same time, these must be eye-catching. The WordPress themes for DJs are ones of the most visually appealing creations. The huge majority of them are very modern and dynamic. Besides these, such a theme must be original…else how to stay apart from the competitors? In conclusion, I selected for you 15 WordPress themes for DJs and musicians to make a better idea about this field. The design of every theme is really good-looking and surely the fans will appreciate it. Also, I noticed that the most important social...

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15 interesting WordPress themes released in January

The main purpose of this blog is to offer you the needed dose of inspiration. I hope that more and more people will visit Danie2Design to refill their inspirational level and certainly, I will try all my best to satisfy all the tastes. A constant type of blog posts will be formed from monthly showcases of the best WordPress themes. Of course, we will present periodically the best Adobe Photoshop tutorials or the best websites, too. Briefly, the next themes are ones of the best released in January. The developers continue to fascinate the WordPress users with unbelievable features and options and I think that it’s our moral duty to mention their endeavors. We are deeply indebted for their efforts and this post should be regarded as a small compensation for us, the beneficiaries of their work. Enjoy the themes and get your inspiration in order to create good looking ones that will deserve to be showcased in a next post. Bubblesup I am in love with simplicity so I might be subjective, but this theme makes me say “wow”! The abundance of white space and good aesthetics are two features that determined me to add this theme in the first position. Epic If you are in the business world and you need a website to impress your clients, then Epic is a solution that worth your attention. The...

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15 blogs for WordPress addicts to follow in 2015

WordPress is so famous that the average Internet user instantly associates it with the best Content Management System or with the best tool for blogging. The statistics are really amazing- did you know that WordPress is almost 11 years old but there are more than 66 million websites based on it? Also, did you know that many of the most well-known websites are running using WordPress? WordPress skills are from the most requested ones so any freelancer should take this CMS into account. Luckily, WordPress is a very simple tool and any of us may use it. Someone said that anyone familiarized with Microsoft Word will be able to use WordPress and personally I think that it’s very true this statement. In spite of many negative opinions, WordPress will continue to be the leading CMS in the near and medium future… it’s hard to offer a credible opinion on long time perspective by considering the fabulous speed of Internet evolution. If you decide to give a heed to WordPress or you are a developer interested in sharpening your skills, then I have a big and useful surprise for you. I made a strong research and I established a list of 15 precious blogs destined for WordPress addicts. I guess that this list will be very useful because you won’t need to search for blogs and check their posts. The...

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