10 cool Facebook groups for Photoshop lovers

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The Facebook groups for Photoshop lovers are very useful for anyone interested in sharpening his/her skills. Here are shared tons of links to great tools, amazing works or quality tutorials. It’s wonderful to see how like-minded people interact and help each other. Luckily, there are many Facebook groups for Photoshop lovers, no matter their preparation. The most important conclusion is that Facebook isn’t only a waste of time, this network may really help in being more productive.
Some groups are more focused on exchanging opinions about works to and the users ask/provide feedback (creative comments aka CC). Others are focused on providing informational resources or new trips and tricks. Of course, there are many groups for beginners. Personally, I consider Facebook groups for Photoshop lovers as a great tool for any designer. I guess that these groups have a huge potential. Beyond a doubt, the groups dedicated to design are a good source of information and help. Somehow these combines the advantages of blogs and forums into a single interface. In other words, into a group are integrated the posts that present the latest news but also there is a possibility of interacting with other people – a similar method to a forum.
I hope that I made you curious about and you are ready to join some Facebook groups for Photoshop lovers. I compiled a list of 15 useful groups, therefore you should join some of them to make a clearer idea about. In the eventuality that I missed your favorite group, please let me know to correct the mistake.

Photoshop & Lightroom

Type: closed group;
Active members: 101 k;
Description: A group for those interested in sharing their photos, Photoshop comps – artistry & design, Photoshop & Lightroom tips – tricks & questions!


Type: public group;
Active members: 11 k;
Description: The group was founded in 2007 as the first group for Digital Art Design using Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Users Group

Type: public group;
Active members: 18, 5 k;
Description: The group is very useful for the ones needing feedback…just upload a jpeg picture of your work and ask for feedback. There are many people ready to rate your works and their feedback is very honest.

Photoshop Magazin

Type: closed group;
Active members: 8, 5 k;
Description: The group is focused on sharing cool information and any posting is moderated by the admin. I wish to thank them for selecting the best contributions.

Photoshop Design Indonesia

Type: closed group;
Active members: 14 k;
Description: Don’t worry if you aren’t from Indonesia, the admins are welcoming anyone interested in Photoshop.

Photoshop Showcase

Type: closed group;
Active members: 1,2 k;
Description: If you want to create some buzz around you and your design skills, then Photoshop Showcase is the best solution. I must warn you that there are uploaded only high-quality works.

Photoshop Request

Type: closed group;
Active members: 1 k;
Description: Photoshop Request is a helpful group for the less experienced ones users, but you may ask for help to better enhance your professional works. It’s focused on providing help and feedback.

Photoshop Professional

Type: closed group;
Active members: 17 k;
Description: Photoshop Professional is a group that covers a large pallet of topics – from the latest news to objective feedback. As the name itself is saying, the group is destined for the most experienced users of Photoshop.

Photoshop Love

Type: public group;
Active members: 6 k;
Description: The admin of Photoshop Love is Decean Ioan, a friend of mine. Yeah, I might be subjective, but it’s impossible not to appreciate his endeavors of managing this group, one of the most promising Facebook groups for Photoshop lovers.

Adobe Photoshop Learning Tricks

Type: closed group;
Active members: 34 k;
Description: This group is very helpful and here are members some great designers. Practically, you have here everything you need: inspiration, cool and useful tricks, helpful tutorials and the possibility of receiving feedback from talented and experienced designers.

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