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The design community is divided into two major groups. The fist group considers that WordPress as a blogging platform is irreplaceable, while the second group considers that there are alternatives to WordPress blogs.
Personally, I think that nothing in this world is irreplaceable, but definitely WordPress is a solution for any type of websites. Regardless it’s about e-commerce or forums, WordPress is the best! In spite of its multiple awesome features, some bloggers are way more satisfied with alternatives to WordPress blogs. I guess that many bloggers even didn’t image that there are modern alternatives to this leading Content Management System.
No matter that you are just curious about or you are really unsatisfied with WordPress, the next ten alternatives to WordPress blogs are very interesting and you should take them into consideration. Each one has its own set of specifications and maybe you will fall in love with ones of them. Enjoy these options and please let me know which one is your favorite!


Tumblr didn’t reach the complexity level of WordPress, but the users are extremely happy with it. It’s the perfect platform for the ones willing to share their experiences with other people, but don’t have enough time to create a complex WordPress blog. In other words, it’s the intermediary step between a Twitter account and a WordPress blog.


If you are annoyed by the complexity of WordPress then you should check Ghost. It’s still in its infancy, but the big brands (WooThemes, Envato, Microsoft) that have promoted it make me think that we will continue to hear about Ghost.


Medium is one of the most interesting alternatives to WordPress blogs. It’s simple, user-centered and the reading experience is great. I am a constant user of Medium and I am happy with it. Besides these, the stories from Medium are quite interesting.


Drupal is truly one of the most important alternatives to WordPress blogs, but also for other types of websites. There are a lot of opportunities of customizing a Drupal online presence and the community is very helpful. Conclusion: give a chance to Drupal!


Bolt is significantly less famous as the previous four alternatives to WordPress blogs, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore it. It’s a lightweight open source platform that seems promising; try it yourself to make an opinion about!


Blogger is a very well-known alternative for WordPress and many bloggers enjoy it. It’s a Google product and I think that this is enough to convince you about its quality.

Text Pattern

Text Pattern has a totally different dashboard comparing with WordPress. In order to make a clear opinion about I think that the best modality is to check it yourself in the demo section of the website.

Silver Stripe

Silver Stripe benefits from a very interesting dashboard, but at the same time, it’s very simple to use. It’s suitable for complex websites, but it’s not free.

Get Simple

As the name is saying, Get Simple is a viable solution for the ones that want to have a simple blog. Maintaining the websites is simple so maybe you should give a try to it!


Some of the above alternatives to WordPress blogs were suitable also for other purposes, but Blog is strictly focused on blogging. Join the Blog community and enjoy sharing your ideas using this platform.

As usual, I tried to offer you a balanced mix between well-known solutions and less famous alternatives to WordPress blogs. It’s all up to you to choose which one is matching to your case. I hope that I covered all the tastes, but in the case that I missed your favorite solution please add it into the comment form and I will check it carefully!

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