10 free sets of brushes for Photoshop lovers

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I think that offering useful freebies to a designer is similar to offering candies to kids. As the kids are happy when they receive candies, the same is happening with a designer; the quality freebies make him happy and eager to use these in the next projects. I am such a designer and I am excited to announce you that this post is about 10 useful packs of brushes. I tried to collect brush packs with various inspiration sources; from water and high-resolution brushes to grungy or smoke ones.
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Tree Brushes

This set consists in 9 high-resolution brushes that are truly useful. I consider that these brushes are perfect if you want to create projects with many details – photo manipulations, dreamy atmosphere etc.

Smoke Brushes

The smoke brushes are very used by the Photoshop lovers. If you are in need of some top-quality smoke brushes, then this set is perfect for you. It has 25 brushes created from genuine smoke…pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Grunge Brushes

Grunge style will never be outdated and any designer should have installed or stored on his hard-drive at least a cool set of grunge brushes. By downloading this set, you have at your disposal 12 wonderful grungy brushes that vary from 1000 to 2000 pixels.

Summer Fun Brushes

It’s autumn and it’s quite probable to be inspired by it, but some clients may ask for summer related projects. This pack of 24 brushes may be very useful in adding a summer touch to your design works.

Butterflies-n-Flower Brushes

This set of brushes is more suitable for projects involving the artistic side of the designers. It consists in flowers and butterflies – definitely an attention grabbing freebie for women designers.

Ink Flowers Brushes

Brushes representing flowers are very useful and having more sets of flower brushes is a very wise idea. As an example, you may download and use this amazing pack of ink flower brushes.

Water Brushes

Another kind of brushes packs that is mandatory for any web designer is represented by the water brushes. From my humble experience, these brushes are very versatile and are suitable for tons of projects. Here is a set that I used in some previous design works and I am very satisfied by the quality of the brushes.

Abstract Brushes

Abstract brushes are golden in the hands of a talented designer…these are the perfect resources to show to the people how creative you are. Here are 12 Hi-resolution abstract brushes that are enough to add the “wow” effects into your works!

Sparkle Brushes

It’s the last set of brushes from this list, but it shouldn’t be ignored by you. I use to add scatter sparkle effects before finalizing my design projects and I think that it will be nice to apply this approach when making up this collection. The brushes from this pack are very interesting and surely have the potential of making even better your projects.

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