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Even though we like it or not, Adobe Photoshop is a cornerstone in the evolution of the web and graphic design. The IT companies developed more and more powerful alternative solutions, but it still has an impressive market share. I think that you can’t name yourself a designer unless you opened a Photoshop file.
Anyway, the designers created amazing works using Photoshop and I think that it will continue to be one of the most used pieces of software for many years. I guess that the majority of the Daniel2Design readers are passionate about Photoshop and created cool projects using it. Luckily, we have a nice surprise for you! In the next lines, you will find 10 sets of shapes for Photoshop. All of these are handpicked and most important, all are free!
Wrapping up, you should carefully check the below resources and download the freebies to enhance your projects!

Sports Shapes

This set of shapes for Photoshop consists in 29 shapes destined for sport related projects. It’s true that these kinds of design projects aren’t too common, but in the situation that you are creating one, these shapes are really useful. There are silhouettes shapes for multiple sports and all of them are well-designed.

Spirograph Shapes for Photoshop

If you need to create a mystery or a sci-fi inspired project, then the next pack is a handy, free and efficient solution. This freebie is an 8 pieces pack of shapes representing complex abstract/fractal constructions.

Arrow Shapes

I think that arrows are ones of the most frequent used types of shape. I guess that the majority of the Photoshop users have a pack of arrow shapes, but this one is colossal! This pack has no more than 230 arrow shapes…there is no additional comment!

Holiday Shapes

In the event that your clients ask for holiday inspired projects this pack of 20-holiday shapes for Photoshop is golden. The shapes are carefully created and I believe that your clients will be content with them.

Sun Shapes

Sun inspires people from the ancient times and it will continue to be a source of inspiration till the end of the world. Of course, it inspires web designers, too. If you aren’t convinced about, please check this set of stylized sun shapes for Photoshop. It has 50 creative representations of the sun so it’s a strong reason for using it in your projects.

Hearts Shapes

Sun and holidays go hand in hand with love. It’s valid in the world of web designers, too. You have here 55 heart shapes that are free both for personal and commercial purposes.

Warfare Shapes

On the other hand, the world isn’t only about love and holiday! Unfortunately, there are dangerous situations and wars. A web designer should be prepared for the worst and one of the must have tools in order to survive is a set of warfare shapes!!! This one is complete, having from military personnel, weapons and ninjas to skulls, stars and radiation symbols.

Spooky Homes Shapes

In terms of utility, this set of shapes doesn’t deserve your attention. Still, if you pay closer attention to these shapes for Photoshop I am pretty sure that you will be amazed. These are the work of a talented designer, the spooky houses are so interesting and the details are amazing.

Water Shapes

Using water shapes is another modality of making standing apart projects. Usually, these must be wisely blended into the backgrounds and the results are impressive. These shapes are professionally made and you should use them in your next projects.

Stitched Shapes

I offered you various sets of shapes for Photoshop, some of them useful only for specific projects while others are useful for general design works. This pack of 60 shapes is useful for any type of design projects because it is made up from Internet related icons and symbols.

All of the above freebies were personally tested by me. Still, the owners of these may change their mind. In the most cases, they may ask for a tweet or a Facebook share which don’t imply a strictly financial compensation. Enjoy these and please let me know which one was your most liked!

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