10 free sets of textures for Photoshop lovers

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Dear Photoshop lovers, here is another article that is destined for you. I published a few weeks ago two articles: a showcase of 10 brush packs and a showcase of 10 packs of shapes. Both of them were highly appreciated and I think that is still missing something – a showcase of 10 free sets of textures! Consequently, here is a new post – 10 free sets of textures for Photoshop lovers. As usual, all the sets are carefully checked by me and I think that these satisfy even the most demanding tastes of the users.
There is nothing more to add, just use them and please let me know whether these satisfied you. You can use the comment form or engage with me on Facebook or Twitter! Also, if you want to have in your Inbox my weekly newsletter please add your email in the subscription form from the right upper part of the layout.

Vintage Paper Textures

Textures are loved by designers because these are sometimes “game-changing”. I am very interested in your opinion about the use of textures; I think that a good one and a wise blending may make the difference between a good design work and a superb one.

Asphalt Texture

Here is a very fresh set of 22 asphalt textures that can be downloaded for free! These are very realistic, having lots of details and this is a huge advantage, therefore, profit by this pack.

45 Old Brick Textures

This pack of textures is really huge – there are no more than 45 old bricks textures!!! It’s an amazing collection and it’s impossible not to be satisfied with its quality!

45 Wood Textures

I think that 45 is a magical number for textures! This pack consists in other 45 wood textures. I used a part of them in my personal projects and I was satisfied with the final result achieved!

Grass Textures

Unlike the previous two sets of textures, this one has only 6 items. Still I added it in this list because the textures are rich detailed and I think that by using these you really can improve your design works.

Pastel Textures

By using the textures from this set, you will give a special touch to your projects by adding details and nice pastel colors. I am not a big fan of statistics and numbers, but I was amazed by the fact that more than a half from the ones that viewed them also downloaded the pack.

Rusty Textures

Rusty textures are versatile and consequently, a designer should have stored in his computer some good-looking textures of this kind. These have interesting and clear details so you may use them for any type of projects.

Stone Washed Textures

It’s worldwide accepted that the small details make a big difference and these textures may represent the “small detail” that will impress the viewers of your design works. In addition to 10 stone washed textures you get 10 awesome brushes.

Grunge Textures

I think that the next textures are very useful if you want to add a mystery atmosphere to your projects. The pack contains four grunge textures and you can use these free in your personal projects.

Wood Textures

The last pack of textures consists in 4 large wood ones that will substantially contribute to the originality of your projects. No doubt, if you are blending these in a wise manner, the final result will look awesome!

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