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I think that in order to learn web design two methods work the best. The first one is learning by doing and I think that none disagree with me. The second method is to learn by studying and eventually copying (but not stealing) the works of the most experienced designers. Learning from the best ones is extremely efficient, but it implies their participation. Well…it’s not quite true…you may learn from the best designers without their presence or participation.
I am a poor web designer, but I learn a lot from the best designers and I didn’t get in touch with any of them. My method is simple and effective. The design community is very helpful and some talented web designers offer from time to time various freebies, including psd website templates. Some of the templates are free to use for personal and commercial purposes while other need to credit the author. Regardless these cases, you are always free to study and learn new techniques from these. I guess that for many of you this idea isn’t something new, but in many cases its importance is underestimated.
The next psd website templates are carefully selected and I guess that all fully deserve your attention. Enjoy them and please let me know which your favorite is!


This template is the first from this list of psd website templates because creating an online store is a very challenging task and any mistake means losing money. Shophia is a great template and you should check every pixel…it’s a top-quality freebie.


Creating a portfolio is another challenging task, but it’s one of the most common types of projects. Dsgn is a free psd template that is created by a talented designer and you may learn a lot of tricks and techniques. The design is sophisticated and elegant; definitely, it will grab the attention of the viewers.

Free psd business template

The layers of this template are grouped and are completely editable, so you may “play” with the size and the style of the items. Briefly, this template is the perfect one for studying the working manner of other designers!


Teatro is a standing apart item from this list of psd website templates. Its structure is very elegant and another interesting aspect is the smart use of white space.

Free Landing Page

A landing page is the most important part of a website and designing a successful one is the appanage of the best designers. Check this awesome landing page and let me know what you think about!


Phototime is amongst the most interesting psd website templates because it’s well-designed and it looks great. The template is destined for presenting a mobile app – a common project in the last years.


I tried to offer a large pool of psd website templates for you in this post. This template is added here due to the balanced design – the proportion of white space is perfect in my opinion. Also, the fresh and young atmosphere created by the layout should be carefully analyzed by you.


No doubt, DO is the most complex one from these psd website templates. It’s a one-page website and it has all the needed webpages to create a working online presence.


Cardio is a template designed exclusively for Codrops, so you can doubt about its quality. If you are interested, you may download the HTML version of it.


It’s the last psd template and I wanted to finish the post by making you more optimist. Bolod is a nice, clean template that will make you smile due to the images and illustrations used.
I hope that you use these templates….behind these psd website templates are many hours of hard work and we should be grateful to the ones that have offered these freebies. I think that a good solution to recompense their endeavors is to share the post with your friends. In this way, more people will find out about them and the designers will gain the fame they deserve.

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