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Last week I published an article showcasing you 10 amazing and free Udemy courses for Photoshop lovers. It was a big hit in terms of traffic and I received a lot of positive signals via social media. I am very happy that my readers appreciated the post. Consequently, I want to make the same “surprise” to the WordPress users. It was really a nice job to search for the best Udemy courses for WordPress users and here are my top ten ones.
Personally, I think that video courses combined with a solid communication between the teacher and students are the perfect solutions of learning. I don’t say that it may replace the school, but it’s a very reliable adjacent solution to school. I don’t have any experience with the kids, therefore I am not able to express a decent opinion in this respect. I enrolled many web design courses and I confess you that I learned tons of useful techniques. Many of the below Udemy courses for WordPress users are no longer than four hours so you won’t waste too much time be enrolling a course. I think that you should give a try! Enjoy these Udemy courses for WordPress users and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

Plan, Build, and Launch A WordPress Website


Lectures 13
Video 1hour
Skill level All level
Rating 4.5

This course is destined to all type of WordPress users, from beginners to experts, but I think that it’s the most suitable for the ones that don’t have a solid grasp about WordPress and want to launch a website. It is divided into four sections – “Planning your website”, “Registering your domain name”, “Setting up your web hosting”, “Configuring WordPress”.

How to Make a Website / Start a Blog with WordPress in 2 hours


Lectures 6
Video 4 hours
Skill level All level
Rating 4.6

Usually, the beginning is the most challenging part of any activity. The previous course is very useful but if you need more precise information, then this one is recommended. It’s a 4 hours course and it presents explanations for every aspect related to making any website (including blogs) using WordPress.

How to Build Your Own Online Business with WordPress


Lectures 52
Video 4 hours
Skill level All level
Rating 4.5

I have already enrolled this course and I am very satisfied with the teacher’s explanations. It’s not a simple course, but I strongly recommend enrolling this course.

WordPress Admin – from Basic to Expert


Lectures 40
Video 4 hours
Skill level All level
Rating N/A

It’s a pretty new course and it’s not rated. It shouldn’t make you disregard the course because it’s really useful. It’s divided into 7 sections and 40 lectures and it includes tons of attracting topics as managing posts and pages, users and users role, important plugins to add and many others. A very important section is “Adding E-commerce and Money Making Opportunities to Your WordPress website” that should be studied by many WordPress users interested in making money from their websites.

Super Plugins: A Free Guide on the Best WordPress Plugins


Lectures 18
Video 2 hours
Skill level All level
Rating 4.5

It’s useless to say that you can’t manage a WordPress powered website without installing some plugins. Here are explained 15 very common WordPress plugins that will allow you to tailor your websites according to your needs. I think that these plugins are well-known by a medium WordPress user, but a small recap is always useful.

WordPress Backup And Restore Fundamentals


Lectures 25
Video 2 hours
Skill level Intermediate level
Rating 4.5

I think that many bloggers ignore backing up the websites. It’s a very bad mistake. Honestly, I dreamt few weeks ago that someone deleted Daniel2Design…all my post were gone! In the same day, I installed a backing up plugin and all my worries disappeared. I think that WordPress Backup And Restore Fundamentals is one of the most useful Udemy courses for WordPress users. Here you will learn that backing up your WordPress website isn’t a job for a very experienced developer (as many people still think about).

WordPress Advance SEO + WordPress security


Lectures 16
Video 3 hours
Skill level All level
Rating 3.5

The website security and SEO are two capital topics for any WordPress user. This course combines these two fields and you should give a try and enroll the course because the explanations are truly useful.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for WordPress


Lectures 6
Video 1 hour
Skill level All level
Rating 4.3

The success of any website is strictly related to the success of SEO strategy, therefore another free course about SEO isn’t redundant at all. This is one of the most comprehensive Udemy courses for WordPress users; it’s only an hour length, but the manner of presenting the information deserves your attention.

How to Make a Single Page Website for Freelancers & Agencies


Lectures 30
Video 2 hours
Skill level All level
Rating 4.9

This course is rated 4.9 stars from 5; 3409 students already enrolled it and the title sounds pretty interesting. I think that it’s a real bargain that this course is free.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress .org Explained


Lectures 14
Video 2 hours
Skill level Beginner level
Rating 5

This course will explain you the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It won’t help you to create better WordPress websites, but undoubtedly will make you have a better idea about how complex the WordPress world is.

I hope that you enrolled at least one of these Udemy courses for WordPress users and you have learned something new and useful. If you appreciate this post and you want to weekly receive my latest creations, then don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter…just add your email address in the form from the right upper part of the layout and I will take care to receive the newsletter!

Disclaimer: Some authors may change their minds and ask for a financial compensation.Therefore, pay attention to this aspect. At the moment of publishing, all the courses were free.

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