10 fresh and cheap web development courses

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One of the most common concerns of a web designer or developer is that he/she can’t keep the same rhythm as Internet evolution. Nowadays, the WWW is spreading at a fast rate and it is almost impossible to stay updated with all latest news. Much more, what you learn in school may be useless or outdated in real life! Yeah, I learned to create websites using tables, but I didn’t create any using this method for a client. I think that I am not the only one in this situation!
Willing or not, the website crafters must try all their best to stay updated and online courses are a good solution in this respect. You can watch these when you want, you can pause them, interact with other students or with the teacher and there are many other advantages. It’s true, many online courses are modest – they lack quality information. Luckily, I searched and I found some interesting and useful web development courses. Comparing the price with the information provided, these web development courses are a real bargain!
Instead of wasting time talking about online courses, it’s way better to get your hands dirty with these web development courses! It will be great to know your opinion about these and please don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

Beginner Level

The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0

Price: 40 €
Rating: 4.7
Lectures: 288
Video: 30.5 hours
22,179 students enrolled this course and 2,384 rated it – I guess that these numbers are enough to start thinking to enroll the course. It falls into four sections. The introduction is to clarify some aspects and details required across the entire course. The next section is for HTML5 – here are explained from general concepts to setting up FTP on Windows/Mac. The CSS3 section deals with classes, floating items, aligning and stilling text. The last section is about JavaScript and you will learn how to make a website better and more interactive.

WordPress for Beginners 2016-Perfect for authors & bloggers

Price: 30 €
Rating: 5
Lectures: 76
Video: 7 hours
This web development course is created for beginners… both bloggers and developers. I think that you can’t name yourself a developer unless you have a solid grasp of WordPress. Hence, the ones that are willing to learn development and WordPress should enroll this course. Also, I think that it’s suitable for bloggers who aren’t too keen on web technologies. The 7 hours of this course will make them use the “magic” power of WordPress to share their knowledge.

JavaScript: Gentle Introduction for Beginners

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.8
Lectures: 44
Video: 5 hours
If you want to create websites, JavaScript is a must, HTML & CSS aren’t enough. Comparing with these, JavaScript is a little harder to learn, but it doesn’t mean that it’s rocket science and only top experts know it. This course is a gentle introduction for beginners and I think that it’s one of the most useful web development course released this year on Udemy. Enroll it and please let me know your opinion about it.

Intermediate Level

Bootstrap to WordPress: Build Custom Responsive themes!

Price: 20 €
Rating: 5
Lectures: 53
Video: 6.5 hours
Many WordPress themes are built using Bootstrap and some of them are big hits in term of sales. In the first sections, the instructor explains how to create a homepage using Bootstrap, then how to add additional webpages. The next step supposes to convert your website into a WordPress powered one. After you finish the WordPress conversion, you will learn how to add a blog section, how to create widgets and add some fine-tuning touches to make the theme looks great. Definitely, it’s a complex course that should be enrolled by any web developer/designer interested in creating WordPress themes!

Projects in HTML5

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.4
Lectures: 75
Video: 15.5 hours
I enrolled this course and I think that it’s one of the best web development courses from Udemy. First of all, the price is a real bargain – you pay almost 1 € per an hour of useful content. You will learn how to create an animated image gallery, a snake game, a quiz application, a to-do app and a geolocation app. I think that you are already convinced that this course is a must-have for any web developer.

All levels

Learn to add Google Maps API

Price: 40 €
Rating: N/A
Lectures: 17
Video: 2 hours
There are a lot of websites that need Google Maps position integrated into contact form or in other sections. By enrolling this course, you will be able to create the API, learn the map options and apply everything you learned in a website project. It’s medium size course full of applicable tips in order to improve the online presence of your clients.

Create WordPress Plugins

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.5
Lectures: 21
Video: 2.5 hours
Creating and selling WordPress themes is a profitable affair, but people neglect that selling plugins is also a profitable affair. By enrolling this course you will learn from an expert how to create a WordPress plugin, an admin panel for it, shortcodes and widgets. It’s a very new course and taking into account the information shared, I think that the price is quite reasonable.

The Complete Sass & SCSS Course: From Beginner to Advanced

Sass & SCSS Course: From Beginner to Advanced
Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.5
Lectures: 35
Video: 4.5 hours
This course is suitable for all web developers and designers willing to get their hands dirty with Sass. Here are explained the basics of Sass, but it’s strongly focused on practical aspects, hence you will code! Also, you will learn to use Sublime Text 3, one of the most popular text editors. I think that any modern web creator should use Sass in order to optimize his/her workflow.

The Complete React Web App Developer Course

Price: 35 €
Rating: 4.7
Lectures: 124
Video: 23 hours
React is a JavaScript library that is managed by Facebook, Instagram, and the web design community. Consequently, React can’t be neglected by you and this course is the best solution to have a solid grasp of it. The instructor mentioned that by getting through this course you will create a weather, a to do and a counter application.

Create Websites and Hybrid APPs with Google Material Design

Price: 20 €
Rating: 4.4
Lectures: 55
Video: 3 hours
Google Material Design is still in its infancy, but in a just a few years, it will be the norm for the web designers. This web development course is created to teach you how to design websites and apps based on Material Design principles. The course is focused on practice; from section 2 to section 13 (the last one) the students will watch how the instructor create webpages and will apply the skills learned into their projects.

I hope that you will be interested in at least a course from the ones above. I tried to select only the most interesting ones, but on Udemy you will find many other useful web development courses. Please let me know if you enrolled any of the above courses and share with us your opinions about.

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