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If you are an average WordPress user, then this title – 10 fresh social media WordPress plugins – sounds pretty common or even boring. You may accuse the bloggers (including me) that are uninspired or uninterested in offering top-quality content. Few months ago, when Daniel2Design hasn’t launched I thought in this manner. Right now, I have another perspective!
Let’s get deeper into the matter! Yeah, the blogosphere is full of product reviews or showcases of social media WordPress plugins but many of these posts are from 2015, but also from 2009 or 2011. Therefore, would you be interested in a plugin from 2011? If it’s updated constantly, yeah, you should take it into consideration, but these situations aren’t quite frequent.
Each blogger has his/her unique perspective and anyone interested in a specific type of plugin is willing to hear more opinions in order to make a final decision. Definitely, you will agree with my opinion once you should install a plugin or chose a theme and you need solid pieces of advice.
The developers are constantly improving and launching new and new more performant plugins. As a result, a plugin that was highly appreciated in 2013 might be totally old-fashioned nowadays. In conclusion, even though the title „fresh social media WordPress plugins” isn’t so fresh, these posts are very useful for many people. I tried to offer you 10 alternative solutions to spread your posts via social networks. Some of them are free while others are premium, some are well-known and others are recently launched. I hope that you will appreciate this mixture and if you want to stay updated to my latest posts please engage with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

Ultimate Social Media Plus

In spite of the common mentality that everything that is free has some limitations, this plugin is really awesome. You may add the icons next/before/after the posts and using this plugin is very intuitive. It has 4,9 out of 5 stars and more than 8,000 downloads….I guess that this aspect will convince you to pay attention to this plugin.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons is one of the most eye-catching social media WordPress plugins. It comes in two versions: free and premium. Of course, the premium one has more features, but also the free one is a good solution. Personally, I think that the mobile share bar, Google Analytics Integration and, Social Sharing Analytics are the most important features that make the difference between the free and premium versions.

Simple Share

Simple Share Buttons Adder is a simpler plugin than the precedent ones, but this aspect shouldn’t be a reason to ignore it. If you want to see it in action or you want more information about it, then you should visit https://simplesharebuttons.com/.

Ultimate Social Media

The repository is full of social media WordPress plugins, but Ultimate Social Media Icons is the most powerful. You have at your disposal 16 different designs for icons, make these floating or sticky and also you have the option of adding a counter. Of course, there are many other interesting aspects that will be checked by you!

Access Press

The design of the icons used by this plugin is really awesome, but the free version allows adding icons only for the most famous networks. If you aren’t wretched by this fact, then you should give a try to this plugin.


Monarch isn’t very cheap, but it’s the most famous social media WordPress plugins. Practically, every Internet user has seen this plugin working (even though he/she didn’t know). It looks and works great!

Social Fans

WP Responsive Social Counter Plugin is one of the most elegant WordPress plugins for social media. I have no doubt that the enticing design of the buttons will „force” the viewers to share the posts on multiple networks.

Easy Social Share

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is one of the best-selling items on Code Canyon and I guess that this is a convincing evidence to give a heed to this plugin. It does everything should do a social media plugin and it’s extremely simple to use. In conclusion, it’s a great plugin that may enhance your websites.


Sossy is my favorite from this list of fresh social media WordPress plugins. You will be able to display the social media followers in a very modern way. Besides that, the plugin is very customizable and intuitive; it’s simple to set up and use for any type of WordPress user.

Easy Social Metrics

It’s very important to have attractive and efficient social media WordPress plugins, but it’s also capital to have a clear overview of the social media profiles. Easy Social Metrics allows analyzing your performance in various social networks.

I hope that I managed to offer you some interesting options of social media WordPress plugins. As usual, in the event that I missed a very good plugin, please add it into the comment form and I will make an update to the post!

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