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Willing or not, any blog administrator should have his hands dirty with Internet Marketing. The Internet is no more a place for finding information, it’s the fundament of many industries. The bloggers should pay their bills and monetizing the blog sounds as a good and profitable affair. Besides these, making money from blogging is in trend with the Internet state. Hence, it’s all about money!
Surprisingly, there are bloggers who don’t want to gain any bucks from their blogs – they prefer to share their knowledge for free. I respect them and in the next weeks, I will create a listicle featuring some of the best web design related blogs that aren’t monetized. Still, the majority of blog owners/managers can’t afford not earning money from their blogs. It may look like a simple task to earn an income from a blog having a decent traffic, but the reality is different. Getting traffic supposes to appear on the first positions for some keywords and here is a harsh competition. There is no keyword neglected by the bloggers and Internet marketers…believe me, I tried to find a hidden gem but I didn’t find it!
A web designer or a developer is paid for projects and earning money from a blog is a whole different matter. Some of them adapted extremely easy while others still struggle to find a solution. This post is created to help the both sides – I tried to make up a list of 10 new and interesting blogs for Internet marketers. Even though these are focused for marketers, the blog owners/managers should read the posts carefully and implement the techniques learnt to gain money. The age when the bloggers didn’t care too much about how to make money from their blog is gone. The modern blogger should have a solid grasp of Internet Marketing. No matter if you are writing about web design or culinary topics, you should know how to make money from your posts.
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I tried to bring to the stage new and interesting blogs; everyone knows Moz, Search Engine Journal or Buffer blogs. These are the most visited blogs, but I think that it’s a good idea to offer you fresh and original ideas of Internet Marketing. Luckily, there are many Internet marketers willing to share their ideas and tips – here are only a very small part of them. Enjoy the list and please share it with your friends!

Niche Hacks

Niche Hacks fully deserves its place in this list of blogs for Internet marketers due to the practical tips and strategies featured. The step by step guides and the case studies should be studied by anyone seriously interested in making money from a blog. Some of the titles are really „appetizing”- making $5000+ in just five days sounds a good affair, isn’t it?

Income Mesh

Income Mesh is the blog of Drazen Prastalo, a marketer that struggles to create amazing content (and he did it many, many times). Unlikely for him, he still didn’t gain much money from his blog but I bet that in a year he will gain way more if he keeps that same rythm. I like very much his style – he’s direct and he is fully transparent about his actions. Definitely, you have tons of tricks and tips to learn from Drazen.

iNet Solutions

I found this blog by mistake, but I am very happy for the mistake I did. The blog posts are long (I guess that the average blog post is 3000+ words) and full of applicable tips. Many posts are SEO related, but there are many focused on Internet Marketing. Overall, this mixture of topics is very useful in helping anyone in making money…from a blog or from other solutions.

Growth Rocks

Growth Rocks is described as a Growth Hacking Marketing Blog and by sure, it must be periodically checked by the blog owners/managers. There are various topics – from app store optimisation to WordPress hacks.

Grow and Convert

Growing a blog to 40 k unique visitors in six months is a tremendous achievement. Grow and Convert is the blog that managed to achieve this limit and of course, you are curious to read the blog posts and see what magical tools used the content creators.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza is a very promising blogger and his blog should be a reference for newbie marketers. If you are a designer or a developer interested in having your hands dirty with Internet Marketing, then Ali Raza is a good starting point. At the moment of writing this post, he earns a modest amount of money from his blog, but I am sure that in the next months he will manage to boost his income.

Social Quant

Social Quant is a blog focused mostly on Twitter, therefore being included into this list is strange. I read some Social Quant blog posts and I dare to say that these are well-written and full of applicable tips. Twitter is a very important tool for any marketer and designer and it determined me to suggest it to you.

Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is a must have lecture for every designer or developer that own a blog. Being a good designer/developer is a whole different fact from being a good blogger; of course, these are not excluding each other. The ones that want to sharpen the blogging skills should read Smart Blogger posts – definitely, you will turn into a smarter (and maybe richer) blogger.

Robbie Richards

This blog earned my attention due to the extremely practical titles – 25 List Building Strategies: From Zero to 4,476 Email Subscribers in 10 Months, SEO Case Study: 11,065% More Organic Traffic in 6 Months or Viral Marketing Case Study: 9,356 Social Shares From One Blog Post. These sounds pretty interesting, is not it? I read many blog posts and I felt in love with Robbie Richards approach – he clearly explains every step to do in order to achieve at least his results.


Ryan Steward, the mind behind Webris, is a passionate Internet marketer that uses a very personal style to present his opinions. He produced some cool videos explaining actionable marketing tips that should be watched by both Internet marketers and designers/developers who blog. The truly original approach will make you addicted to his blog, but do not worry, this addiction has only positive effects.

Of course, these blogs are only an insignificant part from all the Internet Marketing related ones. I periodically check them and I guarantee the top quality of the content. I am sure that I missed a lot of interesting and useful Internet marketing blogs. I will gladly update the post with your favorite ones, so please use the comment form and let me know which Internet marketing blogs do you prefer. The more opinions, the better for all of us!

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