10 interesting IoT Udemy courses to check right now

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I published lists of best Udemy courses for designers and developers and best courses for WordPress users. Now, it’s time for another Udemy round-up – most interesting IoT Udemy courses.

Internet of Things has the potential to create a new technological revolution. Some experts consider that Internet of Things will radically change our life. Altogether, IoT is still in infancy stage and entrepreneurs, developers, and engineers work hard to implement it in our current activities. It’s only a matter of time until IoT will be part of your life.

But what in fact is Internet of Things? Internet falls into two categories: Internet of People and Internet of Things. Until recently, Internet of People was the primary concern of tech giants and entrepreneurs. As a result, we have wireless, secure and fast Internet connections. Internet of Things refers to the interaction between different devices and equipment connected via Internet.

For instance, your fridge interacts with your car that shares its position. Anytime when the vehicle is in the proximity of your favorite store, you get an SMS from your fridge informing that you are out of milk.

Even though you are a designer, developer, marketer, writer, or doctor, IoT will substantially affect your life.  Prepare for the future and enroll in the following IoT Udemy courses. Many of them are introductive, therefore you can sign up for them no matter your current IoT knowledge.

Start the IoT from Scratch

Start the IoT from Scratch

The author of the course delivers quality, but he expects a firm commitment from you. The course is suitable for zero IoT knowledge students, but all the aspects are explained fastly. It’s not simple to start from zero and build an IoT device. You will learn how to program a microcontroller, how to control analog and digital devices, and how to use sensors.


Introduction to Internet of Things and Cloud

Introduction to Internet of Things and Cloud best IoT Udemy courses

Unlike the most IoT Udemy courses, this one is free! It’s an introductory course in the Internet of Things and clouding universe. All you have to do is reserve an hour from your schedule and watch the videos carefully.
You will find out more about IoT basics and security challenges, various devices and networks, utility of clouding for IoT products, and types of clouds. I enrolled in this course, and it satisfied me. Clearly, it deserves the maximum rating.


Programming Internet of Things – Beginning to Advanced Level

Programming Internet of Things - Beginning to Advanced Level

I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in IoT and genuinely wants to get the hands dirty with it. It’s a seven hour length course that starts with basic notions, but at the end, you will learn about MQTT, data visualization, and how to control LED devices with voice commands.
The author teaches you how to use motion and temperature sensors, LED modules, and ESP8266 Development Board.
Wrapping up, this course will test your patience and desire to learn IoT. Still, you will significantly improve your IoT knowledge by watching all the videos.


Make a Living as a Smart Home Automation & IoT Installer

Make a Living as a Smart Home Automation & IoT Installer

This is one of the best IoT Udemy courses I enrolled, and I am happy with my decision. I suggest you do the same even if its rating isn’t quite excellent (3.2 stars out of five). The author focuses on practical aspects and sometimes neglects presenting all the details. You have to do additional research to understand all the chapters.
It’s not the poor judgment of the teacher that generates this situation. It’s the IoT complexity and the teacher’s desire to show you everything in a very condensed course.


Big Data Analytics and IoT

ig Data Analytics and IoT Udemy courses

IoT isn’t the only new kid on the block;  Big Data follows it. These two are ready to make a disruptive technology shift. The matter is “when” and not “if” these will change our lifestyle.
This is one of the shortest IoT Udemy courses, but it’s jam-packed with useful information. You will have a better understanding of IoT and Big Data and how these are blending.


Windows IoT App Development

Windows IoT App Development

To get the most from this class you need to own a development board that supports Windows IoT. During this course you will learn to create Windows IoT applications and use sensors. Windows IoT is more or less an operating system for IoT devices.
Enroll in this course to stay ahead of your competitors. The course is a real bargain by comparing the knowledge shared with its price.


Introduction to IoT Programming with JavaScript

Introduction to IoT Programming with JavaScript

This is one of the IoT Udemy courses aimed at web developers, especially the JavaScript knowers. It starts with a short description of the IoT capacity and how to build the first dashboard. Next, you delve into more details by setting up Arduino, Spark and Tessel platforms.
Finally, the last sections of the class are about voice recognition via Wit.ai and how to program a Pebble watch.


Introduction to IoT using Arduino


Introduction to IoT using Arduino is a course for people familiarized with Arduino boards. However, even complete newbies should sign up for this class because the author carefully explains all his actions. This is a course to give you a strategic perspective on IoT and Arduino boards. The topics debated are:

  • Communication between smartphones and home appliances;
  • Usage of Android devices to control electrical devices;
  • Sending voice command;
  • Prevention of electricity wastage.

Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development Course 2017

Comprehensive Alexa Skill Development Course 2017
Currently, this is the best rated IoT Udemy courses and tons of students enrolled in. There a tons of reasons to buy this class. First, Alexa is a tool that will be massively used sooner.
Second, the widespread usage of Alexa will generate a demand for developers to create skills and customize the personal assistant. You’d better stay ahead of other developers.
Third, the course is complete and complex, covering all the aspects related to Alexa development.


Hands on Internet of Things: Get started with a Raspberry Pi

Hands on Internet of Things: Get started with a Raspberry Pi

Most probably, you watched on YouTube lots of videos about using a Raspberry Pi platform. These are for medium and advanced users, or the explanations lack essential details. This course is for people who get stuck in using a Raspberry Pi platform.
It starts with a short introduction to IoT and connecting a Raspberry Pi platform to a PC and Mac computer. Further, you learn how to read and interpret data and store it online. In the end, you will develop a fully-functional IoT project based on this kind of platform.

These are the best IoT Udemy courses, and I strongly recommend considering them if you want to learn the IoT basics. Have you already enrolled in any of the above classes? Please let us know your experiences.


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