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I am aware of the fact that there are many designers that don’t have nothing in common with blogging and bloggers that don’t have nothing in common with design. Still, the majority of the designers consult blog posts and many times contribute to their favorite blogs. Also, the majority of bloggers are very interested in design. More or less, the bloggers and designers have many things in common. The next blogs are very useful for both bloggers and designers and I think that you should check each one. Here are 10 useful blogs for bloggers and designers that are maintained by famous experts and I guess that their pieces of advice are golden! Enjoy these blogs and engage with us via social networks to stay updated to the latest posts!

Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is maintained by Neil Patel and I guess that this detail is enough to convince you to pay a visit to his blog. The posts are complete, having tons of examples and relevant data. It’s a pleasure to read Neil’s posts! I guess that his blog is perfect for this article- he writes for bloggers and explain very clearly how important the design is!

Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips is destined for bloggers, mostly for the beginners. If you are a designer and you want to start a blogging career, then this blog is the perfect resource to gather information about!

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a famous blogger and Internet marketer. His blog is well-known and I guess that you should visit it regularly. Ones of the reasons of adding this resource into the list of useful blogs for bloggers and designers is the fact that he published the monthly income generated from the blog. The amounts are very motivating to start a blog!

Code in WP

Code in WP is a great blog that was recently discovered by me. It’s extremely useful for designers and WordPress developers, but any blogger should bookmark it! Taking into account that the huge majority of the blogs are running on WordPress it’s obvious why I suggest you this blog.

Search Engine Journal

No matter if you are a blogger or a designer, SEO is important for both of them. Search Engine Journal is one of the most useful blogs for bloggers and designers. Some of the posts are destined for SEO experts and might be a difficult lecture, but many others are worth the attention of any blogger or designer.


SEO is a very complex field and what yesterday was a top-quality strategy today might be a source of penalty. Google changes often times the algorithm of ranking websites and all the bloggers and designers should keep an eye on it. Backlinko is a great blog where are posted insightful case studies showcasing impressive SEO strategies. Of course, there are many other interesting topics, all related to SEO.

Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud is another blog that mix posts about blogging, web design, WordPress, and freelancing. The posts are well written and contain precious information.

No Passive Income

This resource is destined preponderantly for bloggers but also the designers shouldn’t ignore it. It’s a fabulous blog – there are so many interesting covered topics and I think that the most important is how to earn money from passive income.

Vanseo Design

Steven Bradley, the man behind Vanseo Design, truly inspired me many times. He is a website creator, but his manner of explaining complicated trick makes me call him as a great blogger.

Become a Blogger

The name is very suggestive and there is nothing to add! It’s a great blog and you should visit yourself because you will find out interesting stories about creating and managing websites.
I hope that you will like these websites and you will learn many useful things by reading their blog posts. If you want to stay updated to our latest posts but also to find out interesting news and stories please engage with us via Facebook or Twitter!

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