10 useful slider plugins for WordPress websites

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One of the most common and efficient methods of adding a new level of dynamism to your website is by adding a slider plugin. The developers created multiple solutions and we have at our disposal tons of sliders that satisfy the tastes even of the most demanding WordPress users. In spite of that, periodically are released other useful slider plugins that turn into big top-selling items.
Paradoxically, because of the high number of slider plugins for WordPress websites the user is unsure which one is the best for his/her website. Much more, he/she doesn’t have enough time to test all the available solutions. More or less, choosing a plugin is a matter of inspiration and good luck!
I hate the idea of “good luck” and I don’t want to take decisions based on good luck! Consequently, for the ones that need slider plugins for WordPress websites I made up a list of 10 very useful solutions. I hope that you will appreciate my work and it will be the best reward for me to share the post with your friends!

Mega 3D

Mega 3D is one of the best slider plugins for WordPress websites that may be called the “Star Track” of sliders. It comes in four versions that display the images in a 3D perspective. Of course, it’s responsive and highly customizable and it works on all major browsers.

Cloud Slider

Cloud Slider is another successful solution in order to impress the viewers with cool sliding effects. It’s feature rich and it’s touch enabled so it works for every types of devices used. It allows embedding videos and 2D and 3D transitions.

WordPress Sliders Bundle

If you want a super complex plugin slider for your WordPress website, then WordPress Sliders Bundle is really the best solution. You are allowed to buy only the jQuery plugin, too. I spend a lot of time by experimenting the multiple demos and I was amazed by them- you may check yourself to make an opinion about!

Before and after

“Before and after” is a common idea to showcase how a designer enhances a model, modify an image or redesign a website. This plugin is very suitable for “before and after” solutions, but it’s not recommended for other types of projects.

Carousel for Theia Post Slider

Carousel for Theia Post Slider creates a carousel from your images. This modality of displaying images is very appreciated by the users and you should give a try to it.

Slider Carousel Grid

This plugin is very suitable for e-commerce websites because it has lots of features for mouse hovering. It creates nice carousels and the transitions effects are very cool, therefore, it fully deserves its place into this list.

Minimal Products Slider

There are people that prefer minimalist slider plugins for WordPress websites and WooCommerce Minimal Products Slider satisfies their requirement. It’s a plugin useful for e-commerce activities, but it might be used for any project where simplicity has the key role.

Soliloquy WP

Soliloquy WP is quite probable the most famous slider plugins for WordPress websites. It’s true that the price options are expensive, but the multitude of features justify this situation. Check yourself the presentation website and surely you will take this plugin into consideration for your future projects.

Meta Slider

Meta Slider is a very complex plugin for showcasing images and it’s completely free! It’s SEO friendly and it incorporates Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider and Responsive Slides. Using this slide is very simple and it’s perfect for individual projects.

Master Slider

Master Slider is a free slider plugin for WordPress websites that has the potential to really enhance a website. The advantages of using this plugin are the touch swipe navigation, super smooth transitions, smart preloading and the SEO-friendliness!

I hope that you will be satisfied by at least a plugin from this list – I tried to cover all the options, from the most famous slider plugins to fresh ones, from expensive to free ones. It will be great to share with us your opinion about slider plugins for WordPress websites so please use the comment form!

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