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I didn’t believe that there are so many Photoshop lovers before launching this blog. Right now, I am realizing that the Internet is full of Photoshop users and all of them appreciate any useful resource or information. I tried all my best in the previous posts about Photoshop tutorials and the readers highly appreciated my endeavors. It gives me special powers and I want to continue offering quality articles for my readers. By the way, you may give me a “Like” in order to have in your timeline the latest posts!!!
This time I present you 10 great websites offering free textures for Photoshop use. The freebies are liked by all the designers, isn’t it? The textures are very important for a Photoshop user because these has the potential to add the “wow” effect. Usually, a texture properly blended with a background may offer a fresh and cool perspective of a design project. Also, these may bring a new level of dynamism to a project and all these possibilities are very important for any web designer.
Luckily, the websites from this list are offering multiple types of free textures for Photoshop and you may download the needed one. One of my biggest issues is how to store the textures, fonts, actions, backgrounds, and gradients used when working with Photoshop. I guess that this is a very common problem for many designers. Across time, I developed a personal approach of storing these mandatory elements in order to create attractive design works.
I created a folder named “Photoshop assets” and it contains other folders named “textures”, “fonts”, “actions”, “brushes” and “other”. Undoubtedly, you understand why I prefer to name the folders in this manner. Periodically are released new and new useful elements and I should stay updated to them. Consequently, I visit the websites offering freebies as free textures for Photoshop or websites that post articles like this one and I have a bookmark folder for these. As an example, this post may be bookmarked as “textures” or “free textures”. From time to time, I download new elements and I use these in the next projects.
It’s up to you if you appreciate this approach regarding the storing of items for Photoshop use. It worked in my case and I hope that it will work for you, too. It will be great to know which system you use. Anyway, you should check the below websites to get free textures for Photoshop!



Plain Textures


Free Psd Files


My Photoshop Brushes




Texture Mate


Cg Textures


Texture King


Photoshop Textures


Texture Palace


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