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Last year I wrote an article showcasing the best Facebook groups for Photoshop users. It is still one of the most visited articles and plenty of readers shared it. Meanwhile, some groups evolved while others became less important. This dynamic is normal in any system and Facebook groups aren’t an exception.
I respect the time of the readers and I try to offer them the best information. Consequently, I made an extensive research to check the state of Facebook groups for Photoshop users. I don’t pretend that my research is the most accurate, but I tried all my best to find the most useful groups.
I didn’t check only the existence of the groups, but I also checked the number of the users and the engagement rate. For instance, there are Facebook groups with many members, but the information is poor and shared inconsistently. The groups I showcased below are a good source of information and I think that you should join a part of them.
Wrapping up, here are the best Facebook groups for Photoshop users. Enjoy the list, join the groups that are the most relevant for you and share the post with your friends!

Photoshop & Lightroom

1. Photoshop & Lightroom
Type: closed group;
Active members: 145 k;
Description: Photoshop & Lightroom is the Facebook group with the highest growing rate. Since June 2015, 44k people have joined this group. Due to the amazing number of members, the topics are diverse – from feedback for personal projects to sharing using posts for members. The content shared is curated and you won’t be annoyed by uninteresting promotional offers.

Adobe Photoshop Learning Tricks

Adobe Photoshop Learning TricksType: closed group;
Active members: 34 k;
Description: Adobe Photoshop Learning Tricks is a group for Photoshop users that need help. According to the group rules, the links to posts aren’t allowed, therefore you should use it only to ask or provide help and feedback. The engagement rate is pretty good, almost any contribution has at least a reply and a few “likes”.

Photoshop Users Group

Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: closed group;
Active members: 22 k;
Description: “We want to see your best and worst creations for critique and review by the group,” is a sentence from the group description and I couldn’t agree more with this approach. If you need professional feedback, regardless your experience, you should join this group.


Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: closed group;
Active members: 18 k;
Description: This is another group that has considerably grown since last year. There aren’t only more members, but the information shared, the engagement and the contributions of the users convinced me to recommend this group to every Photoshop user.

Learn Photoshop Easy

Learn Photoshop Easy-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: closed group;
Active members: 11 k;
Description: Learn Photoshop Easy is a Facebook group created for the less experienced Photoshop users, but I have seen here some truly amazing works. The most of the contributions are design reviews. If you need objective feedback you should join the group and upload your design work.

Photoshop Magazin

Photoshop Magazin-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: public group;
Active members: 8 k;
Description: Ali Sener does a great job by curating the members’ contributions. I appreciate this group due to the activity of the members – they are truly committed to offering information and objective help. Definitely, the mixture of blog articles, YouTube videos, promotional offers, design reviews, and tips & tricks is a great source of learning the secrets of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop Works

Photoshop Works-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: public group;
Active members: 12 k;
Description: Photoshop Works is a place where you find plenty of useful resources. Here are shared tons of collections of tutorials, many tricks to sharpen the skills and design works to give feedback and enjoy interesting conversations.

Photoshop Professional

Photoshop Professional-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: closed group;
Active members: 16 k;
Description: The name of the group suggests that it’s a place for experts only. There is no restriction in this regard, so you may join the community without any concerns. The timeline is full of creative works posted by members to get professional feedback, but there are many links to quality blog posts.

Photoshop Love

Photoshop Love-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: public group;
Active members: 6.5 k;
Description: I must confess that Photoshop Love is a paradox for me. The same as last year, the group has only 6.5 k members, so the growing rate is extremely low. On another hand, Photoshop Love is a group where you can find useful resources –some of them free of charge, quality tutorials and creative works to inspire everyone. The administrator of the group is doing a great job by constantly proving useful information. Wrapping up, join this community, it’s one of the most active Facebook groups for Photoshop users.


Photoshop-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: public group;
Active members: 15 k;
Description: There is no mistake, there are two Facebook groups for Photoshop users that are named “Photoshop”. Unlike the previous group, this one is public and it contains fewer members. The same as it, the information shared should convince you to join the group.

Photoshop Hobby

Photoshop Hobby-Facebook groups for Photoshop users
Type: public group;
Active members: 30 k;
Description: Photoshop Hobby is a huge community of amateur and expert designers that share their works to get feedback and inspire the members. It’s a nice modality of getting feedback in a warming manner. In order to a good functionality, it’s highly recommended to engage and provide useful feedback in a polite manner.

These 11 Facebook groups for Photoshop users are warming and interesting communities that should be joined by anyone willing to sharpen his/her Photoshop skills. I tried to select the best groups, but everything man made is perfectible. Therefore, I ask you to add in the comment form any suggestions you have. If you want to have in your Inbox my latest posts, please subscribe to my weekly newsletter!

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