12 text effect tutorials for Photoshop experts – 2016 autumn edition

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Creating attractive text effects is a never-ending trend. Text effects are created since the first releases of Adobe Photoshop and it seems that these will last for many years.
The success of text effects is determined by a few important factors. Firstly, typography is used in the huge majority of the projects. If you want to create a good design work, it’s mandatory to use eye-catching texts.
Secondly, text effects are relatively simple and intuitive. Usually, the first projects of the beginners are text effects. The same as in life, the first love is hard to forget! I posted a few months ago a round-up of text effects that should be carefully checked by the less experienced Photoshop users.
Thirdly, a text effect implies a lot of Photoshop features. Practically, the designers have no limitations when creating text effects. Definitely, this context has stimulated the imagination and the outcomes are impressive.
I hope that I managed to captivate your attention. If you are interested in sharping your Photoshop text effects skills, then you are in the right place. I hand-picked 15 fresh text effects tutorials; the majority of them are targeted for upper intermediate or expert designers. Anyway, even if you are a beginner you should give a try. It’s all about patience and passion. And don’t forget, no pain, no gain!

Freddy Krueger Inspired Text Effect

I started this list with a tutorial that is simple, short and creepy. This effect is inspired by Freddy Krueger from the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street. You will play with tons of Layer Effects and gradients; therefore, you should strictly follow the instructions of the author. I must confess that I felt in love with the creepy font and I really like the final result!

Pinhead Inspired Text Effect

As I previously mentioned, this post is a challenge for upper-intermediate or expert Photoshop users. For instance, this tutorial is destined for them. It’s long, you use a lot of complex techniques, and you need to pay attention to many small details. Still, the result is outstanding. You start by creating a textured background, then you create and style the text by adding a 3D effect. The next step implies adding a grid and styling it. To completely follow the steps of the tutorial you need patience and much time. It took me almost 3 hours to finish the tutorial, but I learned many techniques and tricks.

Metallic Text Effect

By studying this tutorial you will learn how to achieve a good looking metallic text effect. The text looks similar to the fonts used on the covers of the books published in the Middle Age. The author is a master of Layer Effects – all the effects are made by using Layer Effects.

Floral Illustration Text Effect

If you are a romantic designer, this text effect tutorial is for you! Here is explained how to combine text with flowers – check the result to see how this combination works. It’s not a simple tutorial, but I consider that it fully deserves its place on this list.

3D Floaties Text Effect

This is one of the most complex tutorials I have ever seen. Certainly, you should check it because it uses plenty of amazing techniques. The author starts by modifying an image, then he adds a text and converts it to 3D, adds textures, and plays with lights and shadows. Finally, there are added water splashes and are improved the colors.

Dramatic Effect

This text effect is influenced by the effects used in the movies. It’s pretty hard to achieve the result because it implies many steps, but it’s an irresistible challenge for a Photoshop fan. The author uses the entire 3D Photoshop panel. Consequently, you should study it if you want to improve your 3D skills.

Fantasy Inspired Text Effect

This tutorial consists of creating a text using leaves and limbs. You will learn how to use paths to crop the leaves, adjust colors to blend together the leaves and the limbs, and create a cool texture. It’s another complex tutorial but the same as others from this list, it’s a good source to learn new techniques.

3D Golden Cinematic Text Effect

If you study this tutorial you will learn how to create a 3D golden text effect. In addition, you will learn how to create an action that will significantly improve your workflow. It sounds truly appalling, but I should warn you that this tutorial is made from tens of steps. You should be prepared to waste some hours to nail it down.

Fluffy Duckling Text Effect

This tutorial should be studied when you want to relax. The final result- a fluffy duckling text is warm and nice…it instigates going to sleep! Despite of its joyful approach, achieving this effect involves a lot of endeavors.

Devilish 3D Text Effect

The author of this tutorial estimates that it takes 35 minutes to finish this project. I think that you need much time to carefully study the tutorial. Regardless the time spend to complete the tutorial, you will learn how to create a devilish text effect. This effect is eye-catching and you should apply it in your future projects.

Easy Slime Text Effect

This text effect is suitable to projects like horror or sci-fi movie posters. It is useful even for the less experienced Photoshop users because the author uses only High Pass feature and Layer Styles (Bevel and Emboss, Outer Glow, Drop Shadow).

Quick Bloody Text Effects

This text effect is similar to the previous one, but you shouldn’t skip it because there are some cool tricks.

That is all for today! I hope that you appreciate my time spend on finding the best text effect tutorials and you will share the post with your friends. Also, feel free to suggest which kind of Photoshop tutorial do you want to read on Daniel2Design.

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