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I believe that forums for developers and web designers are genuinely hidden gems and smart people may unleash their super powers. These are extremely useful – you may save time and resources, get new connections, read other fellows’ opinions, learn new things or eventually get a new job.

I think that a good developer or web designer should be part of at least one forum community. The particularity of forums is that you can get help for concrete issues. The helpers are educated users willing to save your time and resources. Comparing with the blog posts, even the most valuable ones can’t offer solutions for your specific issue. There are a couple of reasons that will convince you to pay attention to forums for developers and web designers.

1. A community built to help fellows in need

The primary purpose of a forum is to offer help to the ones in need. Sometimes, developers and designers need guidance to satisfy all the requirements of the clients. Instead of wasting time to find a solution for a stringent problem, you can count on the help of other fellows. It’s possible that some of them to encounter a similar problem in the past. Definitely, their solution may be golden for you! Still, you shouldn’t rely all your strategy on getting help by other forum members. You should offer support to others, too. Much more, I think that you should provide value before asking for it.

2. A forum is an educated community

Another reason to convince you about the usefulness of signing up a forum is the community itself. The forum members are developers and web designers, and they have the same struggles as yours. It’s fantastic to get in touch with people that have the same hobbies and interests. You can foster the relationship with your favorite members and learn from them. A friend in need is a friend indeed, isn’t it?

3. A place to learn new things

Looking through threads may seem like a useless activity, but this mentality it’s definitely wrong. Yeah, checking the threads of a forum isn’t a top priority, but you can learn interesting things. I think that it’s better to test it by yourself – check the threads of any forum for developers and designers from the list below and certainly, you will find something interesting for you!

4. Getting the public recognition

Everyone wants to be an expert or an influencer. Forums are a great tool in this respect. Usually, any forum has a rating system that rewards the most active members. Each useful contribution helps in establishing yourself as a community leader, and you get the public recognition.

I hope that I managed to captivate your attention and you are interested in joining a forum for developers and web designers. Here are 13 of the most useful and popular.


sitepoint-designers and developers

SitePoint is a well-known brand established since the early days of Internet. Here are showcased courses, video classes, guides, and blog posts aimed at sharpening your skills no matter if you are a developer, designer, marketer, or SEO practitioner.

The forum is highly visited by a plethora of people. I appreciated it due to its structure: many categories, wisely chosen, that facilitate the users’ searches. The names of the categories are suggestive – “HTML & CSS”, “JavaScript”, “PHP”, “Design and UX”, “Mobile”, “Server Config” and many others. The forum members and the admins are helpful and almost certainly they will find a solution for your problems.

Another plus is the number of replies; there are only a few threads with only 2-3 replies; the most of the threads have more answers. It proves that SitePoint community is active and helpful.


Digital Point


Digital Point is another massive forum for developers and designers. Here is housed tons of valuable information. Practically, you will become an Internet expert by reading all the threads of the forum. Digital Point has sub-categories for online businesses, search engines, design, development, and a marketplace to sell/buy online assets.

It’s nothing wrong to consider Digital Point as a knowledge resource for anyone interested in online industry. Its primary target public is made up from developers and designers, but a plethora of threads are for marketers, entrepreneurs, website dealers, copy writers, or SEO experts (here are even threads regarding black SEO). It’s a massive community, and the diversity of topics and members help you getting a strategic perspective.

HTML Forums


HTML Forums is aimed mostly for developers, but there are topics for server configuration and administration, useful tools for developers, flash development (yeah, this is an active topic) and server-side programming. Of course, you will discover many other subcategories and topics. Anyway, the forum isn’t only about HTML as you may deduce from its name!

Graphic Design Forum


Graphic Design Forum is a forum for graphic designers. It was totally revamped in 2018, and its design is clutter-free and user-friendly. Beside the cool design, Graphic Design Forum deserves your attention due to the quality information shared by its members. Practically, it covers every aspect of graphic design; from inspiration and resources to design professional tips and business issues.

Graphic Design Forums


The name of this forum is almost similar to the previous one, but it’s a different community. Sometimes, the numbers aren’t significant, but in this case, these reveal the magnitude of the forum – 20k members, 20k threads, and 164k messages. The same as the previous suggestion, this forum is a massive source of actionable information. There are tons of discussions about fonts, print, logos, animation, motion design, and Adobe products.

The Web Design Forum


Web Design Forum is one of the most popular forums for developers and designers. The members are helpful and share fantastic tips, therefore you should join this community. The topics are various – from design and development to content creation and marketing. The most questions are about front end coding, CMSs – it’s a section for WordPress developers, and design. A nice section is “Reviews & feedback” – a place where you can get feedback on your projects.

Web Developer Forum


Web Developer forum is focused on helping developers in need. It has four sections:  Client-Side Development (HTML, CSS, Web Video, Accessibility), Server Side Development (PHP, Java, Pearl), Site Management (SEO, Business, Server Management), and Etc.  There has a lot of threads and replies, and it means that the forum members are active and willing to help other people.

Adobe Forums


I guess that the majority of this blog post readers have used at least once an Adobe product. Considering my assumption right, Adobe forums should be an exciting place for you. Here are sub-forums for every Adobe software solution and you can find valuable tips for your problems. The forums are managed by Adobe experts; certainly, the quality of the information is high and you should benefit from it.

Killer Sites


Killer Sites is the best forum for newbie developers and designers. There are sections for beginners, both for designers or developers, and the threads have many replies. Consider signing up for the course “The Complete Entrepreneur” if you are interested in entrepreneurship.

Another plus is the design of the forum – it’s clean and sleek.

Dev Shed


Devshed is my favorite forum because here you can find everything you need to became a web guru. There are sections for web design and programming, but also for server management, databases, server management, system administration, hosting or computer hardware. I am sure that by consulting the threads you will discover handy tips and trick to master the websites of your clients.

Coffee Cup


Coffee Cup is a staying apart forum. The threads don’t fall in the same standard categories like WordPress, Front-end, Back-end, etc. The discussions are centered on specific software or tools for developers and designers. Color Palette Manager, Responsive Layout Maker, Bootstrap, or Site Designer V3 are just a few tools that are highly debated on this forum. Consider checking the discussions to find out how other people use these tools. Certainly, you will discover new features and ways of crafting websites.

Talk Graphics

Talk Graphics is one of the oldest forums; it was launched in 2001, and since then thousands of members shared their insights, ideas, and issues. It’s not the most complete forum if you develop sites, but it’s the perfect place for a graphic designer. Xara users might be delighted with this forum – here are tens of topics about Xara.

Web Design Forums

If you can ignore the outdated design, Web Design Forums impresses with many exciting threads and valuable tips. Here are almost 60k members and 277k posts that cover every aspect related to the activity of developers and designers.

This is my list of useful forums for designers and developers. I tried to select the most popular and relevant forums; there are many others if you aren’t satisfied with any of them. Anyway, I think that it’s impossible not be pleased with these forums! Please let me know what you think about forums and add in the comment form your favorite!

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