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I am crazy in love with the ads…I may spend tons of hours watching amazing creative ads in video or print format. It’s true that many of these are very boring, but there is a part of them that are interesting.
Honestly, I haven’t ever created a video ad, but I designed a few print ads. I think that it’s one of the most interesting type of projects for a designer. Usually, the amazing creative ads are created by the designers that have full freedom.
In the next lines, I will briefly explain my personal algorithm of making print ads. These projects are very challenging, but I am very enthusiastic about because these reveals how creative you are.
The first step supposes to start a very extensive research about the client. Any detail may represent the difference between good and amazing creative ads. This step implies to have a strong dialogue with the client, but you should also check the Internet or other sources.
The next thing to do supposes to find out the client’s requirement. Willing or not, his/her requirements are important and as long as these are decent and don’t imply to ignore the rules of good design, it’s OK.
Once these steps are finished, the third phase is the most difficult. You should start creating the sketches of the ads. The most amazing creative ads are created using more software solutions; Photoshop and InDesign are my favorite choices. Definitely, you are free to use whatever software you want, the result is what really matters!
The penult step is the contact with the client and presenting him/her what you achieved. In a perfect world, he/she will pick up the winning sketch and you will start creating the digital file of it. In reality, the client will ask for some modifications- some of them are logical and improve the design while others don’t have positive effects over the ad.
Finally, the last episode it’s the “fight” designer-computer when it’s realized the digital file of the ad.
In conclusion, making amazing creative ads isn’t a simple task. The next attention-grabbing ads should inspire you to create at least similar works. You may give us a “like” if you want to have in your Facebook streamline our latest posts!

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Jack Link’s




Mercedes Benz Vans


Speed Kills – 2


Menos Predator




Killer Popcorn


Child Labor


El Universo


Vebu Cake


Health Alerts Noose


Mexicos Next Top Model


Sweet Revenge


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