15 animated websites for your inspiration

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Creating animated websites is one of the most difficult tasks for a web designer. Ten years ago, the “average” website was simple as structure, but pretty difficult in terms of usability. Nowadays, we have complex and animated websites. There are various CSS effects and Java scripts that allow an unbelievable level of dynamism. These have as output a stronger engagement of the readers and overall, the www looks nicer.
It’s obvious that having more attracting and accessible websites is an advantage, but this fact implies huge efforts from the designers. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solid study in this matter, but it’s crystal clear that it becomes more and more difficult for a single individual to create complex websites. A few years ago, a single person was able to create a great website that fully satisfied the requirements from then. The responsive design can be named as a cornerstone of the web crafters evolution. From this point, a complex and functional website can’t be realized by an average web designer. It’s true that there will continue to exist designers that will defy this context, but their number will diminish in time.
Animated websites that are running perfectly no matter the device used and provide good user experience are very difficult to create. Also, the tools available to create websites are more focused on specific tasks. This big picture makes me understand that a one-man show in web design area is the exception and not the norm. In conclusion, the science of crafting websites is so complex that it’s extremely difficult for a single person to design by himself a website.
Dynamic and animated websites are highly appreciated by the Internet users and I must recognize that I am a big fan of these. As you are already accustomed, I searched for some amazing animated websites and the result is this list. I hope that you will refill your inspiration level by admiring these animated websites. You can have in your Facebook streamline our latest posts by simply liking our Facebook page!

Google Events


One World




Tom Cole Architect




Team Geek


Miki Mottes




Digital Natives


Vito Salvatore


Isadora Design


Ther Style


Little Black Classics


Newton Running


Species in Pieces


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