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Previously, I wrote about designing amazing creative ads and I tried to convince you how challenging is to realize these projects. Another very challenging type of projects is the e-commerce websites. The crafting of an online store isn’t different from crafting other websites, but there is an aspect that shouldn’t be ignored. Any mistake regarding the design of an e-commerce website means losing money; in some cases it’s about important amounts of money.
This fact shouldn’t alarm you, it should motivate you and I want to help you by showcasing 15 e-commerce websites to get inspired. All the online stores are handpicked and 100% sure you will be impressed by them.

Edwin Europe

If you want your brand to be standing apart, then your online store should be original. Edwin Europe is a great website and its modern look will grab the attention of the viewers. The interesting video background works as a magnet for the viewer… am I wrong?

Shop Chylak

I added this online store into the list of e-commerce websites to get inspired because of the interesting mixture of modernism and simplicity. It’s a modern website- the quality of the images, the landing page, and the interesting sliders are the most obvious facts to prove it. At the same time, the layout it’s simple and the shopping process is a pleasure.

Finery London

This store isn’t as unconventional as the previous ones; in fact it’s a very common. In spite of that, you should neglect it. The design is very discrete and it’s a wise idea because in this way the shopper may enjoy the products without any distractions.

Article Dublin

Article Dublin is a shop that is part of the list of e-commerce websites to get inspired because of the great user experience. I have the feeling that I am visiting a brick and mortar store.


Issette is a very modern online store destined for selling golf clothing for ladies. The layout is very clean and lets the shopper focus on the products. Another plus of the website is represented by the boldness – I really like the big, bold and black buttons!


This is one of the most interesting stores from this list of the best e-commerce websites to get inspired. Canyon is an online store selling bikes and it’s really user-centered. The bikers are very dynamic people and the website is very dynamic, too. The menu is also created for bikers and for a good experience – the bikes are divided into various categories (road, urban, fitness etc.)


Harry’s is a nice and relaxing shop that sells shaving products. To be honest, I really don’t like shaving, but the cool and calming layout of the store made me reconsider my position (at least until I should have a shave).


Reebok is a huge brand and they can’t afford to have a poor designed online store. It looks great, I have nothing more to add!


I like very much the idea behind this shop. The landing page is cleverly designed, there is a lot of white space, but at the same time there is enough content to make you curious about the store.

Wolf and Son

Wolf and Son is a brand selling top quality men shoes. Fortunately, the shop is making a perfect team with the core value of the brand. There is nothing fancy on their online store, but in spite of that, the website is hard to forget.


Loubsol is one of the most futurist e-commerce websites for your inspiration. The big images of the sunglasses are very interesting and the viewers will be captivated by these.

Five Simple Steps

Five Simple Steps is a truly simple website. It’s enough a single click and you have in your front 44 very interesting books. Once you selected a book you have the option to check the topics included debated and some facts about the author. Of course, with a single click you may buy the book!

Branding Cards

The previous website was simple; well, this one is minimalist. Some people will say that it’s a weird website while others will say that is really cool. Honestly, I think that it’s one of the most intriguing e-commerce websites for your inspiration and it will attract viewers and maybe they will be converted into buyers.

Stump Town Coffee

You admired complicated, simple or minimalist websites; now it’s time to see some normal e-commerce websites for your inspiration. Stump Town Coffee is a good looking website and I congratulate the creators because of the wise use of white space.


V76 is a shop selling products for men and I was impressed by the quality of the images used. These are very suggestive and in addition to short, but concise descriptions will make the viewer have a clear idea about each product.

That’s enough for today! I hope that you like these wonderful e-commerce websites for inspiration – if so, please share the post with your friends and follow us on Twitter or let’s engage on Facebook!

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