15 free mobile apps for web designers

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The huge majority of the web designers are gadget addicted. Any addiction has negative consequences, but, in this case, there are some positive facts. A web designer that is very passionate about gadgets will create perfectly responsive websites. He/she has a full understanding of the profile of the average mobile user. The mobile devices will become even more integrated into our current activities (see Internet of things). Willing or not, a web design should have a good grasp in the field of mobile devices.
Many people associate the mobile apps with useless things or games…of course, it’s a very bad mentality! Google Play and iTunes offer tons of very useful mobile apps for designers and many of these are even free!
In the next lines, I will share with you 10 free mobile apps for designers that will simplify your work. Enjoy them and please don’t be selfish, share the post with your friends!

Android devices

WebMaster’s HTML Editor Lite

A code editor is a must have for any serious web designer. It’s true that editing a website from your smartphone or tablet is more difficult than working from a desktop, but you never know when you are in desperate need to edit a snippet. This HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS code editor is perfect for any web designer- it’s free, light and has tons of useful features.

Learn Web Development

I think that one of the most useful free mobile apps for web designers are the ones that teach web design and development. Maybe I am an old style designer, but I still consider a desktop the best tool for design and development. On the other hand, the gadgets shouldn’t be ignored, I have many apps that teach me programming – as this one- and I am very satisfied with it. You shouldn’t have an Internet connection in order to use this app!


Flynx is another interesting app that has an impressing rating (4.5 and more than 20.000 downloads). It allows saving links and data to your device and you check these anytime you want. The idea is simple – the app saves useful links and you read these later- even without an Internet connection.

Google Analytics

Another must have free mobile app for web designers is Google Analytics. I think that it’s useless to mention the importance of this app!

Source Code Viewer

Let’s suppose that you just visited a great website and you want to know how a sliding effect is working. Definitely, the source code will give you all the needed information! HTML Source Code Viewer is the perfect app for this and its name is very suggestive. In conclusion, this app must be installed on your devices!

iOS devices

Coffee Script

This code editor has similar features to the editor suggested for Android users, but it’s destined for the users of Apple devices. It’s one of the most powerful free apps for web designers and I think that it fully deserves your attention.

Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC is a great app for any web designer. It allows sampling colors from your images and you may use the color schemes in your future projects. A simple app, a simple idea, but great results!


Picklab is a nice photo editor & collage maker that must be installed on your Apple devices. It allows enhancing your photos and share these via social media.


The developers of this app mention on iTunes that “there is no existing drawing app that allows the level of customization that Sketchworthy offers”. The rating, the number of downloads and the reviews makes me think that it’s a great app. I downloaded and I believe that there is no exaggeration.

Google Analytics

You may accuse me of lacking the inspiration when I made up this list because I added Google Analytics two times- one for Android and one for Apple devices. You may be right, but it’s very important for any webmaster to have control over the state of traffic and Google Analytics is doing it almost perfectly.
I hope that this list of free mobile apps for web designers will be useful for you. Also, I am sure that it’s incomplete and no doubt, I will continue to write similar posts because mobile apps are a part from the life of any web designer. It will be great to suggest me your preferred mobile apps, the more ideas the better for everyone of us!

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