15 free tutorials to learn cool Photoshop effects – 2017 autumn edition

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I neglected posting Photoshop tutorials, and some readers emailed me to change this situation. I am sorry for this mistake, and I promise that it will never happen. Tutorials are an efficient method of learning new Photoshop effects. Additionally, online courses are reliable alternatives to tutorials.

However, Udemy or Skillshare courses require a small investment, and it might affect people on tight budgets. I should mention that I am an Udemy affiliate, and I am biased, but many courses are a real bargain. For instance, there are Udemy courses of 30 hours of detailed explanations and their price is $20; it means less than $1 an hour. Is it a bargain? Yeah, it is because the teachers are experts in their fields, the quality of the videos is high, and you can interact with both teacher and other students.

Anyway, it depends on your personal choice. Some people prefer watching videos. Others go for the “classical” tutorials to learn new Photoshop effects and techniques. No matter your preferences, check these 15 free Photoshop tutorials! You don’t have to spend any bucks to study them!

Enjoy these tutorials and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

Create a 3D Floaties Text Effect

Create a 3D Floaties Photoshop Effects

I must confess that I don’t have expert 3D knowledge and I try to sharpen my skills in this respect. If you are in the same situation like me, then this free Photoshop tutorial is for you! It’s free, and it contains a lot of useful tips! By completing this tutorial, you learn how to create a cool 3D text effect.


How to Create a Facebook Cover

How to Create a Facebook Cover

This is a free Photoshop tutorial that teaches you how to make money. Well, it’s not about how to earn huge fortunes, but you can earn some bucks on Fiverr by creating cool Facebook covers. The tutorial is simple, and it’s suitable for any kind of users. The final outcome looks great, and I think that it entices you start practising.


Create a Multi-Image Twitter Header Image

Twitter Header Image

In the previous tutorial, you learnt how to create a Facebook cover. Now it’s time to switch the social network. By following the steps of this tutorial, you learn how to create a Twitter header. It’s a short tutorial that should be studied even by the less experienced users.


How to Create a Kaleidoscope Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Kaleidoscope Effect in Adobe Photoshop

This tutorial gets the maximum rating for originality. I studied a lot of tutorials before, but I didn’t find any similar to this project. The author teaches you how to create a kaleidoscope project, a cool Photoshop effect. You start by cropping a model, and then you apply “Symmetry Fill” – a useful but less used feature.


How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Fantasy photo manipulation is one of the most common types of Photoshop tutorials. Still, this tutorial is distinguishable due to the multitude of techniques used. I was impressed by the ability of the author to add new items into a composition. He is a great talent!


Create a 3D Painted Wood Text Effect

Create a 3D Painted Wood Text Effect

Applying Photoshop text effects is one of the first uses of this software while 3D modeling is, probably, the last. The author of this tutorial decided to combine them, and the result is terrific. I like very much how he played with 3D effects. What do you think about?


Apocalypse Inspired Photo Manipulation

Apocalypse Inspired Photo Manipulation

By following all the steps of this tutorial, you learn to create a monster. It is designed starting with the image of a male! The tutorial is long and for advanced users, but it’s broken down into many steps to make it easier to study. The author uses brushes and layer effects extensively. It’s no doubt that you will sharpen the skills in these fields.


Realistic Chrome Text Effect

Realistic Chrome Text Effect

This tutorial is perfect if you don’t have too much time for learning new techniques or Photoshop effects. It’s simple, short and the outcome is realistic and good looking. You apply a distorting effect, some layer styles and adjustments and that is all! I bet that you are curious about this tutorial, isn’t it?


Flat Pirate Icons

Flat Pirate Icons

The design markets are full of icons sets, but not all of them are genuinely top quality. In fact, the majority are decent design works. If you aren’t satisfied with the icons available for sale, you should sign up for this tutorial and learn how to create a beautiful set of flat icons.


Smoking Painting Effect

Smoking Painting Effect

The author claims that it takes you 30 minutes to finish this tutorial; it’s targeted at beginner-to-intermediate users. You will start with a close up image of a male, and the final result is a smoking painting portrait. Pretty intriguing, isn’t it?


Content Aware Tool

You can use Content Aware Tool to create stunning designs. Plus, it’s relatively simple to use. Check this tutorial if you want to become a wizard of Content Aware Tool.


Street Dance Competition Poster

You will design an outstanding poster if you follow the steps of this tutorial. The author explains how to crop an image, refine its edges, and blend it into a composition. You will also learn how to play with fonts to create a readable and eye-catching message.
A plus of this tutorial is the possibility of downloading the .psd files of the author. So, you can see exactly what he does to achieve the final output.


Beautiful Audio App User Interface

This tutorial has 68 steps and it’s suited for experts. It’s not about complicated techniques, it’s about patience and special attention to any detail. The final result is awesome, it’s a modern interface for audio apps.


10 Essential Tools for Photoshop Beginners

This is not a tutorial like the previous ones; it’s a collection of tips to create cool Photoshop effects. I think that it’s a tutorial that shouldn’t be skipped by less experienced users. For instance, you will learn how to arrange your workspace, handle different presets, and master the Pen Tool.


How to Turn Day into Night in Photoshop

Is it possible to do everything with Adobe Photoshop? I am not sure about it, but you can change the day into night! Unfortunately, it’s not a magic power, it’s just one of the many Photoshop effects. Check this tutorial if you are interested in transforming the daytime in the night time.

These tutorials cover a large area of topics. Check them all and practice because only by doing you learn efficiently. Sooner, I will post new collection of tutorials. Of course, I expect your suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line!

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