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Any designer loves freebies and I can’t ignore the chance of making happy the Danie2Design readers. Consequently, I collected for you 15 good-looking freebies. All of them are hand-picked so I am pretty sure that you will love these. I am grateful to the creators of these works because this post wouldn’t exist without their endeavors.
These good-looking freebies are, in fact, various kits, mock-ups, landing pages or icons sets. It’s the first post under the category of “Freebies” and I allowed myself to offer you a very general list of items that have in common a single fact: the high quality.
Making a high-quality work and offering it for free isn’t as simple as it might seem to be. On contrary, offering for free a poor quality piece of design can be regarded as an offence for some individuals.
On the other hand, good-looking freebies work as a magnet and in this way a designer may create some buzz around his/her portfolio. Definitely, creating a freebie may be a profitable affair!
I think that a good freebie brings only advantages. The creator gets some followers and/or friends and step by step the personal brand is improved. The ones that use the freebie may study it and learn new techniques but also may insert some items in the future projects. Do you agree with me?
Did you ever create a freebie? Do you like offering gifts to other people? If you do, then you are free to contact me and I will gladly showcase here your good-looking freebies.

Free Presentation Folder Mockup Templates

Free Presentation Folder Mockup Templates

Photos App


iOS8 UI kit


iPhone6 mockups


100 icons set


Weather App


Restaurant App


Tasty UI Kit


PhotoTime landing page


iOS UI Kit


Dashboard free sketch


Battery monitoring app


Ecommerce Icons Set


Free UI


App for Material Design


Color charts


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