15 Illustrator tutorials for beginners

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Recently I wrote an article showcasing 15 Photoshop tutorials for experts. This time, I will focus more on the beginners in order to assure a reasonable balance between experts and beginners. Also, I don’t want to focus all my attention on Photoshop, therefore we have here a new post – “15 Illustrator tutorials for beginners”.
To be honest, I am an Illustrator beginner, too. All the below tutorials are studied by me. Some of them are superficially studied while others are very carefully read. Anyway, all 15 Illustrator tutorials for beginners are very useful and interesting.
I started learning how to use Illustrator because I noticed that it’s an extremely powerful software solution, but it hasn’t the same marketing as Photoshop has. As a result, Illustrator is considered by some designers as the “exotic” brother of Photoshop. I guess that it’s totally incorrect; across time I will share here my personal experiences with Illustrator.
Therefore, bookmark this post and start studying the Illustrator tutorials for beginners. Also, if your friends are interested in learning the basics of Illustrator share the post with them.

Illustrator for Beginners by Udemy

I was in doubt about adding this resource in this list. It’s not about its quality, but anyone that check this link will be amazed about how complex the tutorial is. I guess that some designers interested in learning Illustrator will quit to this dream once they see it. I hope that you won’t give up! This is an Udemy tutorial so it means that you have the certitude that it’s a top quality tutorial. Don’t forget, nothing great was achieved with no endeavors!

Set of Food Icons

This is another pretty long tutorial, but it can’t be compared to the first one. Yeah, it’s a long tutorial, but each step is very carefully explained and the images are very suggestive. It’s divided into steps and this modular structure allows following the tutorial very easily.

Wood Block Print Text

Finally, here is a tutorial for very beginners; the author of it estimates that it will take no more than 15 minutes to complete it. It’s an interesting challenge…it took me 30 minutes, but I preferred to be extremely careful to each aspect.

Simple Stopwatch

You will be able to create a cool stopwatch if you study this tutorial, but here is another fact to take into account. The author pays attention to all the aspects and the final result is very realistic. Definitely, learning how to create really professional designs is a great achievement!

Simple Power Button

If you consider that a stopwatch is too complex for you, then you should try a simple power button! In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple button by playing with Basic Tools & Effects and the Appearance panel.

Vector Pizza

The next tutorial will teach you how to make a delicious pizza. Unfortunately, Illustrator can create only vector pizza and these aren’t eatable!

Notes Icon

The next two Illustrator tutorials for beginners require paying closer attention to the details. Except this fact, this tutorial is simple and you will sharpen your skills of using the basic options.

Beer Text Effect

Depending on each one preference, after eating a pizza you want to drink a beer or a glass of juice. The same pattern must be applied in learning Illustrator. After you learned to draw a pizza, you should learn how to create a beer based text effect.

Watercolor Cat

It’s estimated that you can complete this tutorial in 120 minutes. If you have enough patience, you will learn how to draw a funny cat.

Elegant Invitation

This is a 25 minutes tutorial that will teach you how to create a nice invitation. It’s a very simple tutorial that may be studied by the very beginners.

Skull Sticker

This project requires much time and patience, but the funny outcome deserves your endeavors. You will learn how to work with Shape Tools, Pen Tool, and Pathfinder.

The Knife Tool

I didn’t study this tutorial too much, but I will do it sooner. It’s a ten-minute post presenting how to work with knife tool.

Vector Smoke in Illustrator

This is one of the most interesting Illustrator tutorials for beginners. The author teaches us how to create a vector smoke in just a few steps. Warp is a great tool and the author really master it in order to impress us.

Watercolor Text Effect

Brushes are extremely important in both Photoshop and Illustrator. By following the steps of this tutorial, you will improve your skills in working with brushes. Besides that, the final output is really awesome.

3D Text Effect

We have published many text effect Photoshop tutorials and now it’s time to show you that Illustrator is very efficient in creating text effects, too. This tutorial shows us how to create a nice 3D text effect!
This is everything for today! If I missed some interesting Illustrator tutorials for beginners please contact me and I will update the article. At the end, I wish you good look in your attempt of learning Illustrator!

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