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I am a big fan of Metro style inspired WordPress themes and in the next lines I will try to make you paying attention to these. I guess that almost everyone knows what Metro style is, but I think a short recap is a good idea.
Metro style was released on the market in 2010 and it has its roots in the Swiss design principles. Since then, it was the subject of a hot debate- is it a cool design approach or is it a poor one? My humble answer is simple: as long as we are still talking about Metro style and it have existed since 2010 then it’s a successful concept. Much more, we have so many Metro inspired WordPress themes and websites that are loved by users. Of course, the personal preferences are 100% subjective, therefore there is no design concept that is worldwide appreciated.
I think that any designer should praise Metro style or at the very least to mention it in blog posts or in other contexts (I am not hired by Microsoft!!!). Despite other online giants, Microsoft tried to be original and brought something new to the market. The originality should be rewarded!
Metro can be defined by some features; the most important are:
Content before chrome
In 2010 skeuomorphic design was brutally abandoned by the designers and both flat and Metro design come into the scene as alternatives. Both of them are focused on content and in these days “content before chrome” was a very used expression. The designers gave up to the complicated and complex interfaces and embraced a simpler approach. The result is simple to find out- it’s the actual design of the most websites. Wrapping up, Metro was born as an alternative to skeuomorphic design that emphasizes the content.
Mobile first approach
I am sure that Internet users were bored with the skeuomorphic creations, but I think that there is a second reason why this style was abandoned. In 2010 started a revolution- the supremacy of desktop computers was threatened by the handheld devices. Nowadays, more than half of the Internet users are using smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. In this context, the designers must adapt to the new situation. Metro style is the perfect solution- it’s created having the mobile user in mind. Its tile system is a great approach for mobile users and in this way is assured a good user experience.
Fast and fluid (not fast and furious)
Metro design is fast, fluid and simple; somehow it’s in opposition with was before it. The radical change has many advantages. Metro style WordPress themes and websites are fast and the loading speed is one of the factors from the Google algorithm of ranking the websites.
I guess that it’s enough with the theory and let’s get back to practice! Enjoy the next Metro style WordPress themes and don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter or engage with us on Facebook!



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