15 photo manipulation tutorials released in the first half of 2015

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Ones of the most appreciated posts published here were the showcases of photo manipulation tutorials. I was amazed by so many likes and shares that got these blog posts. I recognize that it’s one of my favorite topics, therefore it was a real pleasure to write about.
I think that many Photoshop lovers are interested in sharpening their skills and the tutorials are ones of the best method of learning. On the other hand, searching for the best websites posting Photoshop tutorials is a time-consuming activity. Luckily, we do it for you and you may consult the Web Design section for more articles about Photoshop.
This time I made up a collection of photo manipulation tutorials released in the first half of the year. I am really amazed by the ideas of the creators and I am very happy to share with you the tutorials. Initially, I wanted to publish a post about the best tutorials published in the first half of 2015. Altogether, there were so many interesting tutorials and I considered that it’s better to write more posts showcasing various types of tutorials.
Undoubtedly, the tutorials are extremely useful to learn new techniques and the next photo manipulation tutorials are the best ones from 2015. In spite of that, the tutorials aren’t enough. The most important aspect is how to follow the steps of the tutorials. Personally, I think that it’s very important to follow very carefully the steps of the tutorials. The purpose is to learn something new and not to finish a design project in a limited period of time. I noticed that many designers struggle to finish a tutorial in a very short time. Saving time is always a good approach, but superficiality is the worst approach for a designer willing to learn.
Photo manipulation tutorials are difficult to follow and these require the full focus of the ones that are interested in. I strongly recommend to attentively treat the tutorials in order to learn the new tricks. Some of them are simpler, but the majority are medium to complex ones. Anyway, all of them are very interesting and I think that you will appreciate what you will learn.
The practice makes a designer better, so it’s better to start studying the next photo manipulation tutorials. Sooner, I will publish new tutorial collections so engage with me on Facebookor Twitterto have these in your stream. If I missed a tutorial, please add the address in the comment form and I will add it into a future post.

Dark Batman


Funny Surreal Underground Scene


Double Exposure Effect


Trendy Double Exposure


Sci-Fi Landscape


Mysterious Photo Manipulation


Dark Landscape


Romantic Scene


Underwater Scene


Surreal Snail


Modern Matte Portrait


Cyborgs Bubbles


Charming Magician


Brave Warrior


Master Painting


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