15 Photoshop tutorials to learn retouching human subjects

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Retouching human subjects is one of my favorite tasks to do in Adobe Photoshop. I think that this activity is more linked to art than to science. The downside of retouching human subjects consists in the subjectivity of the people. It’s impossible to retouch a subject and the outcome to be liked by everyone. I guess that most of the Adobe Photoshop users are interested in retouching human subjects, therefore I have a pleasant surprise for you: 15 quality Photoshop tutorials to learn retouching human subjects. As usual, I tried to mix them in order to offer solutions both for newbies and experts. Enjoy them and don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

How to turn a photo into a painting

This tutorial is very well written and by carefully studying it you will learn how to turn a photo into a nice painting. The author plays with basic retouching techniques and the result is very professional. It’s a useful tutorial both for experts and beginners.

Portrait Retouch

Scott Kelby is a well-known specialist in retouching human subjects and his tutorial is a useful gift for everyone interested in this area. Definitely, you won’t waste your time by checking out this tutorial!

How to slim the human face

Slimming the face of a female is one of the most common types of retouch. If you didn’t know how to do it or you want to refresh your knowledge, then this tutorial is a very good start!

How to create a glamour style composition

Adding glamor is another very useful type of retouch and you should pay attention to this aspect. Usually, the moderation is the key of success; study this tutorial to find out more about!

Professional restoration

It’s not a difficult task to restaurate images, but it requires a huge volume of work and you should be extremely patient.

Realistic portrait

Realistic retouch is a complicated job to do. You should improve a photo, but it should look natural. The limits are very relative in this area and I think that a 100% realistic retouch may be done only by top retouching experts.

Beautiful realistic lips

This is a very long tutorial but unforgettable one because it’s dedicated only to create and paint realistic lips. I really appreciate the work of its creator!

New photo retouch tools

I think that this tutorial is mandatory for the users of Adobe Photoshop CC willing to learn retouching human subjects because here are explained the latest retouch tools and techniques.

Retouch using liquify tool

Liquify is a very powerful tool and a wise designer may create awesome miracles with it. In this tutorial, you will learn how to sharpen your Liquify skills when retouching human subjects.

Retouch fly away hair

Retouching fly away hair is boring, but it’s extremely common and you should know how to deal with it. Unfortunately, there is no precise method of correcting it. The author of this tutorial knows it and he proposes us three methods of retouching the hair.

Fashion retouching tutorial

Fashion retouching is very loved by people. Here is an example of fashion retouching made by an expert; you have both video and written format.

Basic retouch

This is another tutorial that shouldn’t be missed by you. It’s a „classic” example of retouching that may be studied by designers and photographers. It’s simple, there aren’t complicated techniques, but the result is beautiful.

Shadow recovery

Playing with light and shadows is a tricky job even for the most experienced designers. Willing or not, the huge majority of the design projects imply manipulating the light. If you want to learn some cool techniques, then this tutorial should be carefully studied by you.

Facial retouching

Facial retouching is done preponderantly for female models, but the males can’t be ignored. This tutorial is for the ones that want to learn more about facial retouching for male models.

Realistic makeup

Finally, in this tutorial you will be taught how to apply realistic makeup to a female model. It’s a nice and useful tutorial because you will get an idea about how to realize a balance between a real human subject and the powerful Photoshop features that allow huge transformations.

I hope that these tutorials will help to master your retouching human subject skills. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to have in your streamline our latest posts!

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