15 stunning portfolios of design agencies

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People created tons of definitions for almost everything on this planet: both for material and immaterial entities. In spite of this, we can’t fully describe common things, including ourselves. This situation is common to the designers, too. They have created amazing websites for clients, but making the own portfolio is ten times more difficult! I think that it’s about subjectivity – it’s in human nature not being able to objectively (you may read „correctly”) self-evaluate. Much more, the more important a thing is for us, the less objective we are! Definitely, a portfolio is a very important aspect of a design agency, it plays the role of an „identity card”.
Still, the Internet is full of stunning portfolios of design agencies. Usually, when I am lacking any inspiration, I check the portfolios of agencies or freelancers – these are a good source of inspiration and even motivation! Consequently, I want to share with you 15 portfolios of design agencies that truly impressed me. Enjoy and get inspired by them!


Panoply is a full-image background portfolio of a really creative team. The members of the team claim about themselves that they are ready to take projects from many fields – from branding to motion and films. The portfolio is impressive and the fascinating animations make it standing apart.

JWT Amsterdam

The content creator of this portfolio is a really great mind; undoubtedly, the written content „dominates” (check the website to see the story of „dominate”) the design in this case. It doesn’t mean that the layout is poorly designed- by far, it is awesome! The website is unforgettable and this is a great thing to achieve in an online environment so crowded by many attractive portfolios.

Fixed Group

I think that in 2016 we will see more animated websites – I base this idea on the rise of Material Design and on the possibility that people to became bored by the static flat design. The majority of the portfolios of design agencies from this list use amazing animations. Fixed Group is an example of good implementation of animations; it will captivate the viewers with the cool sliding effects and the original menu.

Node Plus

No matter the context, simplicity is timeless! Node Plus is a very simple portfolio that let the viewers to 100% focus on the works showcased. I guess that it’s a smart idea and quite possible that some potential clients to appreciate this approach. The discrete but pleasant animations manage to avoid the idea of a boring website.

Active Theory

Active Theory portfolio reminds me of Flash based websites. It looks great and the effects of the full-image background will convince the viewers that the team behind the portfolio is extremely talented.

Assembly London

Assembly London is a creative agency from London that wants to distinguish from the competition and the portfolio is a good example to sustain this idea. At the core of the portfolio is the concept that past works are the greatest advocate to prove the skills. As a result, the portfolio is focused on showing the past works accomplished. Check it yourself the make a clearer idea about!

Habib Fadel

Habib Fadel is a great painter and his portfolio is as unique as his works are. He is a great lover of color – all of his paintings are full of vibrant nuances. His portfolio is minimalistic…just few words and a pure white background. This association of minimalist white to complex colorful paintings captivates both the eyes and the mind of any viewer.

Marlene Latourre

Marlene Latourre is a freelancer that has a brilliant portfolio. In the www Empire the second chance doesn’t exist and this portfolio is built having this idea in mind – the home page is awesome. Also, some of the portfolio features are interesting and eye-catching; check the on-click effect of the mouse on the home page, the preloaders or the contact form.

Coralie Castot

Coralie Castot is the most futuristic work from all the portfolios of design agencies from this list. The fade-in effects are original and instantly entice the viewers to pay closer attention to the portfolio. The irregular shapes of the images is another element that substantially contributes to the idea that the owner of this portfolio is different from the competitors.

UI Viking

I added this portfolio here because of the original message „Hire me or I’ll find and send you to Valhalla” – if you aren’t convinced about hiring him, this message will give you a boost to contact and hire the designer.


Everyone agree that transparent communication is highly effective and the clients always appreciate it. This is valid in the world of portfolios of design agencies, too. Check this portfolio – the homepage background is the portrait of the designer. In this way is created a more personal relationship with the people visiting the portfolio and it might contribute to converting them into customers.

Dangerous Robot

Definitely, this is a portfolio that worth your attention. Dangerous Robot is a combination of good design, creative animation, smart content marketing and humor. This mesmerizing cocktail will attract the customers as a magnet. Any description is useless, check it yourself and you will be amazed!

Denise Chandler

The slogan of Denise –„in a sea of ordinary, make sure your website is set apart from the competition” is the essence of her portfolio and works. Maybe the portfolio isn’t so eccentric as the previous one, but it is also a hard to forget portfolio. The images used that combine surreal elements with natural ones are the main attraction of the website.

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