15 stunning smartwatch concepts

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Smartwatch concepts are one of the hottest personal projects of a designer. Anyone involved in the design industry should convince the potential clients that he/she not only has good design skills, but he/she must prove that is updated to “current version” of design. I mentioned many times on Daniel2Design this aspect and I will continue to preach this idea – a designer should impress the clients with modern pieces of design. Instead of having a portfolio presenting your good looking websites created using the skeuomorphic approach, a good designer will impress the potential clients with smartwatch concepts or mobile apps sketches.
Smartwatch concepts are very interesting and it’s only a matter of time until some of these will come into life. The market of the smartwatches is in its infancy, but everyone agrees that it looks very promising. In conclusion, creating smartwatch concepts isn’t a waste of time!
It’s simple to imagine that the smartwatches will have a brilliant future by taking into account the designers’ creations. These look great and some designers imagined some amazing features of them. Beyond a doubt, a smartwatch isn’t only an aesthetic item, it will be a great gadget that will simplify the activities of the owner.
If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, then creating smartwatch concepts and sketching mobile apps for them is almost mandatory. Firstly, you prove to the clients that you are modern and updated to the latest news in the design world. Secondly, you became prepared for the future.
On the other hand, it’s not a disaster if you didn’t give a heed to this aspect; you have enough time to recuperate the advance of other peers. I strongly recommend checking the next smartwatch concepts to make an idea about these. If you like the post please don’t be selfish and share it with your friends.

Smartwatch A


Smartwatch TRI


Smartwatch Moto 360


Smartwatch Lachesis


Geak Watch


Smartwatch Concept 1


Smartwatch concept 2


Swift Watch


Smartwatch concept 3


Apple Watch Rounded Concept


iWatch Concept


Moto 360 Smartwatch concept


Android Wear Concept


Smartwatch concept 4


ADE Holographic watch


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