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If you want to make some buzz around your work as a designer, a good solution is to create some interesting infographics. The “revolution” of infographics started few years ago and it seems that people are still captivated with these. The result is simple to anticipate: many interesting infographics are periodically created and some of them are highly appreciated by the Internet users.
Taking into account the huge number of cool and interesting infographics created, someone may judge that these are simple to realize. The reality is very different! A good infographic is based on two factors: quality design and attractive information. The idea behind any infographic is to create a cool visualization of the facts that otherwise will require huge amounts of text to be explained. More exactly, instead of boring text, the designer creates an eye-catching infographic.
The quality and the attractiveness of the design is a subjective matter because it’s relying on the users preferences. The information showcased may be more objectively judged. Finding the most useful and attractive information is a very time-consuming activity. Once you are connected to the Internet is impossible not to find what information you need, but it must be interesting for the viewer. An infographic shouldn’t be boring. Also, it’s very important that the facts presented to be true. The algorithm of finding the proper information sounds simple. Firstly, it’s the searching for information – most probably, via Google. Secondly, it’s the reviewing phase when the designer must select the interesting facts. Thirdly, is the trueness checking of the information selected.
In spite of all these impediments, the designers manages to create interesting infographics. To feed your inspiration, I added here a list of 15 good looking and interesting infographics. I hope that you like this type of design and don’t forget to share the post with your friends!

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