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Despite the fact that the number of websites that sell and buy WordPress themes is constantly growing, there are still people needing themes. Also, there are many cool themes that aren’t purchased or even “discovered” by the potential clients.
The immense success of WordPress amongst Internet users determined the designers to pay more attention to this amazing tool. The result is obvious: we have an entire industry of themes and plugins for WordPress. The repository is full of great free plugins and themes and many designers offer premium ones. Practically, it’s impossible not to find a proper plugin or theme.
Unfortunately, there aren’t only positive aspects. A considerable part from the total themes and plugins are decent or poor solutions and mostly put in troubles the users that download and install them. Yeah, even the premium ones may have serious bugs. The admins of the websites that sell and buy WordPress themes are trying to offer only great products. Probably due to the huge number of submissions, from time to time they make mistakes. It’s useless to mention how annoying is to invest money into a theme that doesn’t work or doesn’t have the features mentioned by the creators.
Anyway, studying the themes and plugins from WordPress repository and from the websites that sell and buy WordPress themes, the conclusion is simple and very clear. The developers have created more and better products.
Sooner or later, every Internet user will be interested in selling or buying a WordPress theme. I compiled a list of the best websites that sell and buy WordPress themes and I am glad to share it with you. If you appreciate it, please share the post with your friends.

Theme Forest


Creative Market


Elegant Themes


WP Tiger




Flexi Themes


Solo Stream


Woo Themes


Studio Press


WP Zoom


Theme Fuse


My Theme Shop


Engine Themes


Mojo Themes


WP Eden


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